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Executive Chef Josh Hebert of POSH Improvisational Cuisine.

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AFM: Improvisational cuisine. No set menu. No rules. You create dishes on the fly.

JH: I love it. It was risky doing the concept when we opened three-and-a-half years ago without a printed menu for people to look at.

AFM: Please describe your style.

JH: It's stylistically a tasting menu. We take the background of French technique and apply local, seasonal ingredients. We have the flexibility to enjoy and challenge ourselves and give guests an enormous amount of variety.

AFM: What’s it like with no menu to fall back on?

JH: You have to be at the top of your game every day. If you aren't it, shows immediately in the dishes.

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AFM: For those who haven't dined at POSH, please explain how guests order.

JH: The ordering system is a slip of paper with a list of main ingredients. You cross off foods that you don't like. We take it from there.

AFM: Tell us about the POSH Summer Passport Program.

JH: Purchase a passport for $5 from POSH. You get to compete with other diners to win awesome prizes. All of the proceeds benefit Singleton Moms. The Passport Program runs through Sept. 14.

AFM: You started cooking at age 12. You became Sous Chef at Tarbell's at age 19. Is Mark Tarbell your biggest local culinary influence?

JH: Absolutely. My other influence is fresh produce.

AFM: Family?

JH: My wife and our two dogs. They are rescue dogs, and they mean the world to us. Rescue dogs know that you have done them a favor. I'm pining for a third.

AFM: Do you cook at home?

JH: All the time. Sunday is my “cook-at-home all day” day. I like to make a batch of pizza dough, and my wife and I eat great pizza for dinner.

AFM: Name four of your favorite local restaurants.

JH: Crudo, Binkley's, Tarbell's, Petite Maison. Although, I probably spend more time at Four Peaks than at any of them eating bar food. I love eating nachos and really good beer.

AFM: What's in your fridge right now?

JH: Organic chickens, chicken stock, raw vegetables. I eat lots of cauliflower and other veggies because I'm trying to lose weight.

AFM: If you could eat only three foods for a month, what three foods would you choose?

JH: Sushi, chicken noodle soup and fish and chips. OK, that's four.

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AFM: Do you have a sweet tooth?

JH: Not one bit. My “wine” tooth is too big.

AFM: Describe yourself in three words.

JH: Driven but mellow.

AFM: Any business dreams for the future?

AFM: POSH is a great boutique business. It could work well in other cities such as San Francisco or Chicago.