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2017 Wedding Floral Trends With Cactus Flower Florists
Leslie K. Hughes

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It is just a little over two weeks into the new year and the 2017 wedding season is in full swing. Brides-to-be are researching, attending events, and Pinteresting into the wee hours of the night in order to plan their dream wedding.

One of the biggest pieces of a wedding is the flowers. What flowers you choose really sets the tone for your big day, thus we sat down with flower professional and owner of Cactus Flower Florists, Eric Luoma to find out what brides can expect for 2017 wedding flower trends.

Cactus Flower Florists boasts 5 locations across the Valley with a total staff of around 75 that knocks out flowers for over 400 weddings per year. Obviously they know where they're talking about, so let's get into it.


 There are many different things to consider when you are choosing flowers for your wedding. Thus, we broke the trends down into categories:



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The colors for 2017 wedding flowers will see a continuation of the pastels trend that really exploded in 2016. Blush pink and ivories are a wedding flower staple, so those will surely be on the docket for this year's weddings. Luoma expects to see a lot of deep reds and burgandies, as well as gold, silver, and greys. The grey flower trend seems to really be taking off, and I quite like it!



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We are saying goodbye to the burlap and mason jar decor of weddings and seeing an increase in more vintage and ecclectic vibes. Along with this new trend will be flowers that are, as Luoma stated, "heavier on greenery and foilage with trailing ribbons and loose wildflowers." In short, a garden-style with a modern twist. 



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There are some flowers that will always be wedding flowers, such as roses. However, Luoma is predicting that many 2017 brides will think beyond roses to new, more trendy flowers such as brunia (tying back into the grey color schemes mentioned above), eucalyptus, ranunculus, peonies, dahlia, as well as other flowers that have a light yellow/buttercream color to them.



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Flowers for a wedding are such a matter of taste, especially when it comes to the bride's bouquet. Luoma expects to still see more traditional bouquets, but also predicts to see a surge in garden-style bouquets that "don't look as structured" and that are "naturally big." Lumoa mentioned that mono-chromatic bouquets will likely be popular, ones that pay homage to a more European and old world vibe. He also believes that many brides will opt for mono-floral bouquets that focus on one particular flower (such as peonies or calillilies). 


As you can see, there is an incredible variety of options for a bride when it comes to flowers for her wedding. If you're looking for the perfect place for your Valley wedding flowers, call Cactus Flower Florists today at 480.483.9200 or visit their website.