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Magic, Glamour, Whimsy...

Whatever it is you want your wedding day to embody, one thing is for sure. It can be quite the journey to get there.

Like a dessert table of endless delicacies, planning a dream wedding can be overwhelming and offer countless, enticing selections- each option better than the one before it. Don't overindulge with suggestions from friends and get caught up in all the choices.

Like a fabulous bridesmaid with the best of taste, Arizona Foothills Dream Weddings is at your service- sharing only the top-tier choices, up-to-date buzz and must-know tidbits for putting together your important day. AFM's team of trusted tastemakers will connect desert natives and destination brides to only the best available here in Arizona, from venues to dresses to cakes and beyond.

Best wishes, and let us know how we can make your big day even better!