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Trend Time

Find out what the latest Scottsdale Fashion Trends are, from Fall Fashion Trends, Winter Fashion Trends, Spring Fashion Trends and Summer Fashion Trends. Updated daily, this guide to Scottsdale Fashion Trends will give you everything you need to know about Scottsdale Fashion.


Trend-Dark Roots!

There was a time in the early 80’s when it was considered au tre’chic to show your roots. Whether you were an original punk …


Trend- Watches

I remember in the archaic pre-cell phone days I just wouldn’t be caught without my watch. In fact I had a huge collection, mostly …


Winter Essentials

Finally, finally, finally it’s beginning to look a lot like winter which means that it’s time to switch up your beauty routine along with …


New Fall Neutrals

After a discussion with my friend Ms S about creating a signature style, it occurred to me that I had read a lovely little …


Fall Trend -Neon

Not long ago my little cousin was wandering around singing the words to Wham’s song Jitterbug in a two-part harmony.  She had heard the tune in …