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Darris Love Presents Four Reform Platforms


As I promised as the new COO of AZFoothills, here are the reform platforms that will help change our nation.  Marching is a good first step.  Now through legislation let's change the laws that prevent us from moving our country forward.   Let's vote on the reform acts and let our elected officials who work for us know what we want to help balance our nation.   


Prison Reform: Let's Vote

The most important element of prison reform is reforming our nation’s opinion that people despite the mistakes they make are still human beings.  Going to jail and being incarcerated does not magically transform a human being into an animal.   The system over the years has done a good job labeling a person who broke the law as inhumane.  The cycle that keeps people coming back to our prison system is partly to blame due to the mindset of some police and employers that people with criminal records are subhuman. 


Police Reform: Let's Vote

Police forces should no longer be allowed to police themselves.  Typically police unions prevent reasonable disciplinary action from being taken when a formal complaint is filed against an officer of the law.  We do not believe that defunding the police is a sensible solution but we do believe that the police brutality will never stop if police departments are not held accountable to a higher authority.  We believe that most police officers are good hearted people that risk their lives to keep us safe.  It is the few corrupt police officers who are truly bad who must be eradicated out of all police forces immediately or social unrest will continue.  


Health Care: Let's Vote

Currently the FDA is not holding drug companies accountable.


Drug Reform: Let's Vote

Over-Prescribing & Over-Diagnosing costs America “TRILLIONS”