5 Fitness Favorites: Julie Blew

Yoga teacher Julie Blew shares all her fitness favorites
Yoga teacher Julie Blew shares all her fitness favorites

For Phoenix yogis, there are a handful of local teachers you must cross off your list – and Julie Blew is one of them. A yoga maestro, no one of Julie’s classes is the same. She mixes up the music and poses so you’re always in for an inspired, powerful class that’s anything but cookie-cutter. Kinda like Julie herself.

Trained in Ashtanga, Julie has been teaching for 10 years (she’s currently at LifePower, Urban Yoga and Sumits Yoga), and leads yoga retreats across the country. The next one’s at Kalani Retreat Center (on the Big Island of Hawaii) April 23-28 – a week of yoga in paradise! Here, the yoga teacher shares all her fit favorites…

Favorite calorie-burner…
I love yoga…to burn calories, to stretch, to feel amazing…

Favorite workout wear…
Hmmm…it’d be a tie between my Saint Grace pants and lululemon of course…but, today i’d say lulu. Their Red Studio Pants rock!! And I love to teach in them.

Yoga teacher Julie Blew
Yoga teacher Julie Blew

Favorite local yoga instructor
Matt Hodges, hands down… it’s a kick ass, challenging, rocking good time. He teaches at Sumits Yoga Biltmore and Sumits Yoga Scottsdale.

Favorite healthy restaurant…
Whole Foods salad bar. I pile it all on, no cheese, no zucchini, lots of beans… and veggies, peppers, mushrooms, ooh, and I love the garlic:)

Favorite vacation spot
Hawaii, of course:) Hawaii is peace on earth. The Hawaiian jungle is one of the most primitive, exotic, beautiful places I’ve ever been. I feel at home there. I’m never sad when I leave because I always know when I’m coming back.

Visit Julie's website to learn more
Visit Julie’s website (click here) to learn more


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