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Hot Dog it's a Food Blog

I have always been drawn to the kitchen. But after college is when I really started paying attention to what exactly it is that my family and I ate. And even if it was something as indulgent as pizza, burgers, or cookies, I knew where all of my ingredients came from and that were no preservatives, because I was making it myself. I started Hot Dog It's a Food Blog (HDFB for short) about 3 years ago because I was sick of having to go back through old magazines and cookbooks to find recipes, so I just started posting them online. Then slowly friends started asking me where they could find the recipes that I was making, and soon enough I was posting new recipes Monday-Friday; everything from gluten-free to paleo to re-creating restaurant favorites at home. I also occasionally post kitchen tips and local restaurant reviews. I just love being in the kitchen and sharing my passion with the world!

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