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Chris Gruler

Name: Christopher Gruler of Scottsdale Restaurants and Protege Branding Twitter  Facebook  Instagram Age: 31 Title: Friendship Builder Married/Single: Engaged Kids: 0 City you live …


Julia Frys

Name: Julia Frys                  Twitter: https://twitter.com/heartlynrae Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HeartlynRaeBand Instagram: http://instagram.com/heartlynrae Age: 22 Title: Singer/songwriter/model/performer Married/Single: Married…to my career Kids: maybe in 30 years City you …


Alexis Driscoll

Name: Alexis Driscoll  Twitter: Twitter.com/heartlynrae Facebook: Facebook.com/heartlynraeband   Instagram: @Heartlynrae  Age: Guess my age! 🙂  Title: Singer, songwriter, and entertainer  Married/Single: Single  Kids: No way, maybe when …