Trendsetter to Know: Photographer Taylor Cohen

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Name: Taylor Cohen

Twitter: I don’t have one!

Facebook: I don’t really have a public one, my normal one is private and used to speak to my family from all over.

Instagram: @soleiletlalune, music: @bbreakingbbones, photography; @tcohphotos


Age: 26

Title: Digital Media Strategist Skateboarding Photographer

Married/Single: Committed Relationship 

Kids: None!

City you live in: Tempe

A typical day in my life includes… skating with my friends, making art, and cuddling my dogs.

I was born… to play music.

My favorite thing about Arizona… I love the history of Arizona, there are so many towns that hold an incredible western history that you can visit with just a little drive. 

I’m listening to… Tell Me Something Good by Rufus feat Chaka Khan, if it’s funk I worship it.

My family… is everything to me and I love them so much. We’re a very tight group of people and are always helping one another.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Stevie Wonder. The man has so much talent STILL to this day and I am just curious on his life story and perspective.

One thing I cannot live without… it’s a tie between coffee, family, and skateboarding.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…a marine biologist. 

I’m inspired by…people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and do things their way to follow their dreams and passions. We have too many people trying to fit in the same box, it’s gets old. 

The one person who motivates me is…
My mom. She has done so much in her life to caring for others. She had to raise her siblings at 19 years old and is just an incredibly generous and strong person who doesn’t let anything stop her from having a smile on her face. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…
I think we need to change the impact of social media on our youth so that people are more okay with being themselves instead of trying to look a certain way and act a sure way to feel secure. There is such beauty in seeing people be their authentic selves, and we need to feel more comfortable doing that. I mean, there’s a lot that I would like to change in the world, but we genuinely need to be kinder to each other because life isn’t about how you look or what you have; it’s the people in your life you’re helping.

The perfect day would be…a day in the woods and being in nature with just a tent, grill, and a beer.

My first job was… I worked for a HUGE jewelry store called Charming Charlie’s. That was my first legitimized job, but I used to pet sit all the time as a kid.

My favorite escape… I go camping, skateboard, or ride a dirt bike. 

My life… has been tough, but very passionate and full of love with incredible people in my life.

I’m currently working on… a couple of commission works for some dog portraits I do, breaking bones’ second rock album, a skate video, and some creative photography works.

Always… be kind to others even if they aren’t kind to you, everyone is going through something and not every day is a good day for people.

Never… give up. Life can kick your ass over and over again, but do not stop getting up and trying because one day it will get better.

Favorite Quote:
“Considering self is a mass conglomeration of everyone I’ve ever admired or looked up to, as well as those who have shown how I don’t want my life to feel or appear.”

Biggest Dream…to play music that inspires people to live.

My Pet Peeve(s)… people who smack their gum when they chew it, people who don’t utilize skatepark etiquette, and people who don’t use their signal while driving. 

More About Taylor Cohen:
My name is Taylor Cohen, and although I’m known for being the queen of sunflowers and crowd surfing, there’s a bit more to me than meets the eye. I have two engineering degrees that I somehow managed to pull off, and I am the lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter in a local band called Breaking Bones, I am a professional photographer, painter, and ride dirt bikes whenever I can.

I also am an avid skateboarder in my free time, and it is one of my true passions in life.  I run a photo business as well that takes people on adventures around Arizona and capture beautiful portraits! 

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