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Daryn Mae Stumbaugh

Meet artist, designer and coffee lover on a mission to inspire, encourage and motivate people to do the things they’re passionate about. She shares lifestyle tips, home decor inspiration, and everything else on her blog, Daryn Mae and on YouTube.


Noah Barrasso

Meet commercial real estate broker at Keyser Co. who only represents the tenant. If this were a comic, think of him as the superhero who protects tenants from those landlords who may be over-eager to get the best return on their property, even at other’s expense.


Dave Norman Sweet

Meet President automätik, an award-winning company specializing in research, consultation, instructional design, event design and management, graphic design, digital/interactive design, event production, and facilitation management/coaching.


Stephanie Lucas

Meet the Executive Director of Give Garden, a membership service that hand delivers family-friendly recipe activities and creativity to your doorstep once a month.