Trendsetters to know: Nadine Martinez-Daslakos and Jimmy Daslakos, Owners of El Patron New Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Name: Nadine Martinez-Daslakos and Jimmy Daslakos

Age: 47 (ND) and 59 (JD)

Married/Single: Married to each other.

City you live in: Albuquerque/Scottsdale 70/30 (ND) and Albuquerque/Scottsdale 60/40 (JD)

A typical day in my life includes… 
ND: Getting my daughters (Thalia and Elina) ready for school, checking in at the restaurant, then off to the office before I must jet out to pick up our daughters from school.
JD: Helping with the kids in the morning, going to the restaurant, then the office, picking up our daughters or going back to the restaurant. 

I was born in…
Albuquerque, New Mexico
JD: Albuquerque, New Mexico

My favorite thing about Arizona…
The beautiful weather year-round, and the great people.
JD: The weather, landscape, people, and great business environment.

I’m listening to…
My voicemails!
JD: News and Talk Radio.

My family…
Is everything to me. I am blessed with the BEST husband (Jimmy), daughters, sister, brother, and parents.
JD: Is amazing, from my wife (Nadine) and daughters to my parents and in-laws, I’m so blessed.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…
Lori from Shark Tank, fellow women entrepreneurs are people to learn from. I would ask as many questions as I could and use this knowledge to pursue successful opportunities.
JD: Donald Trump, I think it would be an interesting and fun dinner.

One thing I cannot live without…
ND: Probably COFFEE! I enjoy coffee any time of the day when I am sad or when I am happy!
JD: My family and my girls bring so much joy to my life. 

I’m inspired by…
ND: Successful people that work hard at doing their best to be great people.
JD: Hard work and persistence.

The person/people who motivate(s) me is/are…
ND: My daughters are at an age where they are impressionable, and I ask them their point of view on so many things, they are honest and make me a better person.
JD: My wife and my parents both motivate me to work harder and strive to do my best.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…
ND: That everyone is hypersensitive about everything. There needs to be a bit more relaxation, enjoying each moment and letting crazy comments and things go. Time is precious to be hurt about what others think or say, generally.
JD: People to learn and live with Peace and Harmony.

The perfect day would be…
ND: Spending time with my parents and family, having breakfast and hanging out.
JD: Enjoying the day with my wife and daughters is always the best time.

My first job was…
ND: A hostess at a local breakfast restaurant. I then trained for many other positions, including cashier and server. I loved it.
JD: Washing the dishes in my dad’s restaurant at 9 years old.

My favorite escape..
ND: Is to the spa and then to the tea house for quiet and calm. It’s nice to disconnect for a bit and recharge.
JD: Las Vegas for a weekend.

My life…
ND: Is blessed with so many adventures, wonderful people, and happy times.
JD: Is more than I ever dreamed it would be, so very blessed.

I’m currently working on…
ND: Marketing our newest restaurant location in Scottsdale. Introducing our New Mexican cuisine to Arizona, and meeting as many guests as I can.
JD: Working on our new restaurant while also growing our Payroll and Insurance company, too.

ND: Remember to be yourself and try anything once.
JD: Do your best and do it right the first time.

ND: Turn down an opportunity to try something you can learn from.
JD: Turn away from a challenging opportunity.

Favorite Quote…
ND: Take things one at a time.
JD: It doesn’t rain every day.

Biggest Dream…
ND: To raise blessed, God-fearing daughters that can go out and conquer the world.
JD: For the girls to grow up and be successful in whatever they choose to do.

My Pet Peeve(s)
ND: People using “I’m gonna” in a sentence, I prefer “I tried, I did, I went.”
JD: People wasting your time, life is short get to the point.

Bio-on yourself/company…
ND: Nadine Martinez Daskalos stands out from the rest when it comes to successful women of Hispanic heritage.  Recognized for effectively prioritizing multiple simultaneous projects, Nadine Martinez Daskalos has been successful in many different business environments.   Nadine Martinez Daskalos holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management/Marketing as well as a master’s in business management/Bilingual communications.  She started her career at the age of 18 when she started her own Limousine business, Premier Limousines, Inc.  While completing her education she drove, managed, and marketed her limousine business that still exists today.  She worked as an on-air radio personality for about 10 years’ at KANW 89.1FM radio/Radio Sol AMG Radio, as a Marketing Manager with a local marketing firm, as a HR and Personnel recruiter for COMPA Industries, and worked in many different restaurant settings, in different roles from server to management.    

In the last several years, Nadine Martinez Daskalos, has learned the art of property management by managing a portfolio of over 600,000 square feet and managing multiple construction projects at one time, as the Director of Property Management at Gibson Medical Center, LLC.  Nadine also has extensive experience with contract management, contract negotiations, understanding of Federal/State/City procurement and has been involved with all stages of the contractual process.  She demonstrates value added propositions to prospective clients resulting in increased revenues.  With her background in marketing, she has also been the lead in building new business relationships and cultivating long-lasting client relations in real estate, retail and commercial, as well as her other businesses.    

Nadine, along with her husband, Jimmy Daskalos, own, manages, and operates several restaurants in Albuquerque, NM, including Nick & Jimmy’s, Mykonos, and El Patron Restaurants.  Many of the restaurants have been startups in which the couple built out the space to be in-line with their idea of what the restaurants should be.  Nadine played an active role in interior design, menu selection, as well as front of house and back of the house team selection.  Nadine incorporated family recipes to their diverse menu at their New Mexican Cuisine Restaurants El Patron Restaurant & Cantina.  Additionally, Nadine owns/manages TENCO Culinary Services where her medical kitchen provides dietary compliant meals to in-patient hospitals, provides lunches to local private schools, and manages catering and beverage services for private events.     

Nadine values each person that comes across her path and tries to make a difference in the community.  Nadine and Jimmy practice philanthropy as often as possible.  They host annual Veterans Day meal to all veterans and their families at their restaurants, as well as support local youth sports groups, host fundraisers for local food banks, and child/family support organizations.  Along with real estate, and restaurants the Daskalos’ also operate a successful Insurance and Payroll services business Atlas Insurance, and OnePay HR.  

Nadine Martinez Daskalos and her husband have 2 beautiful girls, that are the light of their life.  Nadine enjoys spending time with family, taking trips-when time allows, and trying out new restaurant concepts.  She prides herself in teaching the girls the “ropes” of the businesses they operate.  They look forward to passing these successful businesses on to them one day.  

JD: Jimmy Daskalos graduated with a BBA in Accounting in 1987 from the University of New Mexico and passed the CPA exam the following year in December. Jimmy has been involved in commercial Real Estate for over 30 years in various commercial rental and vacant land holdings. Since 1992, Jimmy has worked for Atlas Resources and is currently the President. Atlas is a professional employers’ organization that has clients located throughout the US. Atlas provides payroll, human resource functions, workers compensation insurance coverage for a variety of clients ranging from restaurants, hotels, construction, physicians, banks, maintenance companies and many others. Four years later, Jimmy began the Employers Reinsurance Company, an offshore reinsurance company formed to serve in conjunction with Atlas Resources’ workers compensation program and is currently the President. Jimmy started working in restaurants at the age of 10 and found his way as a restauranteur in 2001 opening Yanni’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill, an upscale restaurant in Nob Hill, Albuquerque that ran through 2012. In 2010, Jimmy opened Nick and Jimmy’s, an upscale restaurant in Albuquerque, NM which closed in 2020. During that period, Jimmy also opened two locations of El Patron New Mexican Restaurant and Cantina and Mykonos Mediterranean Café, all in Albuquerque. For 14 years Jimmy was the President of New Mexico Property & Casualty Company, an insurance company offering workers compensation coverage in the state of New Mexico. Currently, Jimmy is the President of OnePay HR LLC, a payroll processing company that provides clients with access to a specialized integrative payroll software, HR Solutions and Benefits.  Helping Client Companies manage their employees more efficiently from the hiring process through termination. He has also been an owner/member of AIS, LLC, an insurance agency offering several lines of insurance to New Mexico businesses. Jimmy has been a board member at the St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Nm Mortgage Finance Authority and Bank First. He is married to his wife Nadine, and has two children, Thalia and Elina. 

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