Taelor Parker

Claire Stewart

Sarah Tripp

Chad Johansson

Becca Booker

Abby Tooker

Rachel White

Hanna De La Vega

Megan Vadnais

Blake Van Es


Rana Lashgari

Meet attorney and owner of Arizona Municipal Strategies, a lobbying firm in Phoenix which advocates for people and organizations while working to expand the scope of the “traditional” lobbyist.


Rachel Kaplan

Meet local author and dog lover who donates the proceeds of her book sales to Foothills Animal Rescue where she adopted her pup, Smokey. Her story about Smokey is currently in the running for FUREVER USA’s Rescued Heroes World Tour, which aims to raise awareness and highlight the importance of rescue dogs.


Karen L. May

Meet owner of Scottsdale Private Event Venues, a premier event production provider that only works in its own unique venues like privately owned airplane hangars and luxury high end car showrooms.