Chad Johansson

Becca Booker

Abby Tooker

Rachel White

Hanna De La Vega

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Blake Van Es

Molly Argue

Anica Rose


Janice Lipsky

Meet Scottsdale-based marketing pro at JLipsky Agency and writer who just published her middle-grade novel about a rescued racing pigeon titled “Woot!”.


Kyle B. McDonough

Meet co-founder of Tower Capital with an extensive background in a broad spectrum of the commercial real estate industry, including mortgage banking, securities and private lending.


Adam Finkel

Meet co-founder of Tower Capital who has been involved in the successful placement of close to $1 billion in debt and equity financing during his career.


Trent Hancock

Name: Trent Hancock Twitter Instagram Website Title: VP of Sales and Marketing at Camelot Homes Age: 34 Married/Single: single Kids: 0 City you live in: Scottsdale A typical day …