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Heidi Powell

You may already know trainer and transformation specialist Heidi Powell from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss but get to know the wife and mother on a bit more personal level.


Michael Land

Name: Michael Land Twitter Facebook Instagram Website Age: 39 Title: Singer/Songwriter Married/Single: Married Kids: 5 City you live in: Chandler A typical day in …


Matthew Grunwald

Name: Matthew Grunwald Twitter Facebook Instagram Age: 24 Title: Chef, Television Host Married/Single: Single Kids: none City you live in: Scottsdale A typical day …


Jessie Hilgenberg

Name: Jessie Hilgenberg Facebook Instagram Twitter Website Age: 35 Title: Fitness Entrepreneur, Mom of 2, Fitness Model, International Federation of Bodybuilders Professional and Bodybuilding.com …


Nicole Tanneberg

Name: Nicole Tanneberg Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Age: 26 Title: YouTuber / Fashion & Beauty Vlogger Single/Married: Married on August 29th in Hawaii Kids: None …


Courtney King

Name: Courtney King Twitter Facebook Instagram Website Age: 23 Title: IFBB Pro Athlete / Ms. Bikini Olympia Married/Single: SINGLE Kids: Nope! City you live …