Trendsetter to Know: Musician Piera Van de Wiel

Name: Piera Van de Wiel

Twitter: …I should probably get this 😉




Spotify: Have a listen, if you fancy!

Age: 26

Title: So tempted to write Dr!  

Married/Single: Hopeless. Romantic. 

Kids: One day 🙂 

City you live in: New York, but currently in the UK due to the pandemic. The bonus is that I’m with my family! 

A typical day in my life includes… a lot of English breakfast tea, wearing pajama pants on Zoom but always in a shirt and blazer! Working out to Madonna, and will finish the day with a packet of salt and vinegar crisps

I was born… A little crab who gives out love, and who is stubborn, passionate and fiercely loyal 

My favorite thing about Arizona… The home of the High Chaparral series! I grew up with my Papa watching CowBoy films and TV shows!

I’m listening to… Noah Cyrus, Isak Danielson, The Shires, Girl in Red (of course)

My family… are the goofiest, weirdest and best people in this world, grateful for them every day. Gush gush gush 🙂 But they are the most giving, loving, caring, loud, supportive and smart! And I believe Family can extend to anyone that you love. 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Angelina Jolie! She is my biggest crush but also a huge inspiration. I’d ask her about her humanitarian work, and we’d chat about social impact and the arts. We’d order spicy ramen and discuss how we can help the world together 🙂 we can dream, right! 

One thing I cannot live without… Bears!  (interpret as you will) 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… I could lie now and say my current profession, Actor, Singer, but I remember telling my mum when I was little that I wanted to be a table dancer!!!! Mind you, I had no idea what this was!

I’m inspired by… Geena Davis, an actor, activist and founder of the Geena Davis Institute that researches gender representation in media and advocates for equal representation.

The one person who motivates me is… My Grandfather (Grumps!), he has always motivated me to follow my dreams, to sing, to help others, to put a smile on people’s faces, and to give out love no matter what, and be unique!

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… I’m incredibly passionate about social impact and how we can work to change our systems and governance. I believe the arts and the creative economy have the ability to bring people together to change minds, behavior and opinions. 

The perfect day would be… Jazz brunch with friends, then maybe stand up and sing my fav standard. Then off to the mountains to ski and prove that I used to be a ski racer to the many who still can’t believe I was! And end the day learning to dance salsa. Can I squeeze all of this into one day? 😉 

My first job was… A waitress at an outdoor drinks party. I was passing around the food, but then I ended up chatting to all the guests and joining the party!

My favorite escape…the shower listening to latin music 

My life… “would suck without you!”-  Such a tune By Kelly Clarkson! 

I’m currently working on… my electro-swing pop song  “Dear Mrs” came out during Pride month and now I’m working on the release of the “Dear Mrs” Music Video. I can’t wait to share this with you. Standing up and celebrating love with vintage Helmut Newton vibes directed by Elle Halley.  It comes out on the 4th of December! 

Always… give out love <3

Never… let fear stop you from becoming the person you are 

Favorite Quote… My Granny had this quote framed above her and Papa’s fireplace, “When we’re up against it, and our hopes sink low, that’s the time for courage, that’s the time to show, just what we are made of, how much we can bear, how much we can struggle, how much we can dare.” Now say that with a Scottish accent, and you’ll sound like my granny! 

Biggest Dream… Powering Humanitarian aid work through music, seriously can I meet Angelina? 

My Pet Peeve(s)…  When people are close-minded, we should lead with an open heart and an open mind.

More About Piera Van de Wiel:
I’m Piera Van de Wiel British Singer-Songwriter and Actor, quirky, loud, a part of the fearless LGBTQ community leaders, and have lived in NYC for the last seven years. A songwriter’s dream. I also have a passion for music and social impact, and I run my collective Stronger With Music focusing on campaigns surrounding gender equality and climate change. Just a human who writes songs and wants to help 🙂 

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