Dressing for the Desert With Arizona Coyotes Barrett Hayton & Clayton Keller

From L to R: Clayton Keller & Barrett Hayton.

The words “hockey” and “fashion” aren’t typically mentioned in the same sentence, but the Arizona Coyotes are working to change that. Following the team’s 2021 rebrand, the franchise has partnered with the likes of Rhude and Common Hype to create pieces that transcend the sport’s typical aesthetic. We sat down with Barrett Hayton (#29, center) and Clayton Keller (#9, left wing) to discuss their favorite designers, game-day style and dream Coyotes Shop collaboration.

AZF: What sparked your interest in fashion?
I’m from a small city in Canada. When I moved to Toronto as a teenager, I was introduced to a lot of new styles and cultures. It inspired me to experiment with different looks.
CK: Growing up, my dad was really into sneakers. Because of him, I formed an appreciation for nice shoes, which evolved into becoming interested in clothing.

AZF: How would you describe your personal style?
BH: Elevated classic. I typically don’t wear anything too crazy. I prefer wearing well-made, tailored basics.
CK: It’s pretty casual, but I like to incorporate some flashier elements. I wear high-end designer, but the pieces I typically choose aren’t covered in logos. I call it “low-key designer.”

AZF: The Coyotes were the first NHL team to relax the game-day dress code. Has this affected your fashion choices?
BH: It hasn’t really changed because of the rule. As I’ve gotten older, my style has naturally continued to develop, but seeing what my teammates are wearing has helped me get a better sense of what I like.
CK: My style has basically stayed the same, but it’s been nice having more opportunities to show my personal tastes. It’s fun to have the choice to wear suits or something that’s more in line with how I usually dress.

AZF: Who are some of your favorite designers or clothing brands?
BH: Kith and John Elliott are two of my go-to’s. For jackets, I like Theory, and for pants or jeans, I tend to choose items from Acne Studios.
CK: AMIRI, Chrome Hearts, Off-White™ and Rhude.

AZF: Where are some of your favorite Valley stores to shop at?
BH: Feature and Secured Sneakers. Clayton and I have been there a few times recently.
CK: Definitely Secured Sneakers. The owner always takes care of us and has the newest designs. I also like shopping at Neiman Marcus and One51.

AZF: The Coyotes have partnered with popular labels to design new merch and limited-edition drops. Which streetwear designer or fashion house would you like to see them collaborate with next?
BH: It would be awesome to see a Kith collaboration. Ronnie [Fieg, founder of Kith] is one of my favorite designers, and he does a lot of great collabs with different brands and sports teams.
CK: Off-White™ would be really cool. I liked the recent collection they created for the Chicago Bulls.

AZF: You’re both from notoriously cold cities. What fashion advice would you give to visitors experiencing Arizona’s beautiful winter for the first time?
BH: Check the forecast before visiting. You won’t need to pack your normal winter clothes.
CK: Pack some light jackets and pants, because it does get a little cold at night.

Photos by Isaac Torres

This story is from our special edition IN AZ 2024 issue. Read the full issue online here for more inside intel on where to stay, dine and everything in between IN AZ this season and all year round.

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