Eye on the Prize With Diamondbacks Geraldo Perdomo & Gabriel Moreno

From L to R: Geraldo Perdomo & Gabriel Moreno. Photos courtesy Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks shocked the sports world last year when the team landed in the World Series after securing a coveted spot in the playoffs. Off of an incredible season, Geraldo Perdomo (#2, shortstop) and Gabriel Moreno (#14, catcher) chatted with AZ Foothills about their experiences playing in the Fall Classic.

AZF: What was it like going to the World Series for the first time, especially during the Arizona Diamondbacks’s 25th anniversary?
There are no words to describe what you feel, especially because it was a special year; it was a unique excitement.
GM: It was a tremendous experience. It was great to fulfill the dream of playing in a World Series and see fans enjoy a World Series for the first time since 2001.

AZF: Was there a standout moment for you throughout the playoffs? What was it?
Sweeping the Dodgers at home and winning game seven against the Phillies. It was an honor to beat a team like Philadelphia.
GM: There were a few moments when we played against the Dodgers, from scoring four home runs in one inning to hitting my own home run after a foul ball.

AZF: What was the best piece of advice you got going into the World Series, and from whom?
GP: I was able to talk with [Hall of Famer] David Ortiz. He told me that I needed to stay relaxed, not feel any pressure and just go out and have fun. And thankfully, that is what I did.
GM: The coaching staff would advise us to do everything possible for physical recovery. When you get as far as the World Series, you’re playing the maximum number of games possible, so it’s imperative to maintain your health.

AZF: What are your thoughts on how Diamondbacks fans showed up and supported the team?
GP: The fans were always there for us and helped sustain the excitement. When we were behind and they picked up the energy at the stadium, that motivated me.
GM: The fans always gave us great support. They were always there during the good and bad moments. And for me, during the playoffs, no doubt they were among the best dans in the league.

AZF: Aside from winning the World Series, what other personal or professional goals do you hope to accomplish next season?
GP: I would like to win an MVP, improve in slugging and have a season with no errors on defense.
GM: The goal next year is to play at the same level we did this season to return to the World Series and win it.

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