Local Trainer Releases New Workout DVD as Women’s Health Next Fitness Star


If you don’t know the name Nikki Metzger by now you must be living under a rock. The Scottsdale based fitness superstar is a certified personal trainer, Nike Master Trainer, and owner of Best of Our Valley award-winning gym BODI. Metzger specializes in high-intensity, functional athletic group training. Her innovative techniques utilize the latest sports-performance equipment and metabolic conditioning programming to deliver jaw-dropping results in half the time of other popular workout methods.

The 30 year-old trainer extraordinaire was discovered by Women’s Health through a nationwide search for the Next Fitness Star. Among thousands of applicants, weeks of tireless online voting, and judging by a celebrity panel of renowned fitness personalities she was awarded the title of Next Fitness Star live on NBC’s TODAY in August. As part of her Next Fitness Star prize package Metzger is the star of her very own workout DVD, currently featured in the Jan/Feb issue of Women’s Health, and will serve as the new face of fitness for the brand.


Nikki’s new workout DVD series called IGNITE is an efficient, at-home workout program for every fitness level, complete with modifications for every exercise. The cutting-edge workout program is divided into three 20-minute routines. The series begins with BUILD, designed to increase lean muscle mass and blast body fat through five separate rounds of 45-second strength supersets followed by a quick 30-second cardio blast. SWEAT will work every major muscle while boosting cardio with a series of dynamic, bodyweight exercises set up in explosive 30-second intervals. Finally, BURN takes participants on a ferocious circuit of nine exercises with back to back with intervals that get progressively shorter (but not easier) with each round. If viewers are still alive after all that they can take on the BONUS 8-minute ab blaster

“Nikki’s brand of fitness is built on well-tested functional athletic fundamentals and designed for efficiency,” says Amy Keller Laird, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health and judge of the Next Fitness Star competition. “We know our readers are busy and can’t spend hours in the gym. Ignite delivers effective workouts with an upbeat intensity that we think everyone will love. You’ll definitely be dripping with sweat after one of these 20 minute sessions!”

Want to experience Nikki’s brand of exercise for yourself? To purchase IGNITE from Women’s Health DVD series visit 2016TheNextFitnessStar.com and check out Nikki’s Best of Our Valley winning gym here.



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