Are Boxing and Kickboxing Worth It?


Are Boxing and Kickboxing worthwhile fitness tools? Do they burn a lot of calories? What muscles do you work? What about your ticker (heart)? Does that get challenged as well? What about stress?

The number of calories burned depends largely on your weight.

Boxing: @ 125lbs you burn up to 270 calories in 30 mins (540 in 60 mins)

@185 lbs you burn up to 400 calories in 30 mins (800 in 60 mins)

–  Kickboxing: @ 125lbs you burn up to 300 calories in 30 mins (600 in 60 mins)

@185lbs you burn up to 444 calories in 30 mins (888 in 60 mins)

As you can see boxing and kickboxing BOTH burn calories at a great pace! When burpees, jump squats, pushups, dips, jumping jacks, running…etc are thrown in these calorie burning numbers go up. Yes..ALOT of bang for your buck! Time well invested for your health!

A few other fun facts:

A 125lb woman can burn 240 calories by taking a long walk and a 180 calories by lifting weights for 1 hr (your body burns 35-50 more calories per day per pound of muscle you put on).

What Muscle groups do I work??

Boxing works the following muscle groups:

  • Shoulders
  • Upper Arms
  • Abs
  • Upper Back
  • Hip Muscles, the flexors and abductors

Kickboxing works all of the same muscle groups that boxing does, but add in all the powerful leg muscles!!

Does your heart rate go up? HECK YA! Just try throwing punches in the air for one minute without stopping..Now imagine doing that and actually hitting something!!

Boxing & Kickboxing are a FUN, CHALLENGING and a GREAT STRESS RELIEVER! Hitting bags that don’t hit back is just awesome! Come and see for yourself.. Check out a FREE WEEK of Classes at Amenzone DC Ranch; a unique hybrid gym.


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