5 Reasons You Should Bike to Work

Did you know that cycling as little as 20 miles a week can cut your risk of heart disease in half? Or that biking to work or to a park-and-ride means one less gym trip and no traffic jams? Or how about this: Did you know cyclists can save up to $20 a day by biking? Or that avoiding 10 miles of driving every week eliminates more than 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Yes, there are tons of reasons to commute by bike, and to celebrate Valley Bike Month (woot, woot!), I asked Jim Browning, a diehard bike commuter and competitive cyclist with FASTER to sing the many praises of cycling to work. He lives and breathes the sport, so he had no problem answering… and adding his own witty spin…

Why you should NOT commute to work on your bike, in 5 easy lessons by Jim Browning
I am a bicycle commuter, but that doesn’t mean you should join the hordes of people, worldwide, who are improving their health, benefiting the environment and having a whole lot of fun. Why? Here’s why:

1. Commuting is the “entry drug” of cycling. You may think that all you want is a little exercise on the way to and from work, but that’s like saying you aren’t going to inhale. Commute one day, and the next thing you know you have a garage full of (massively expensive) carbon fiber bicycles, and enough spare parts to build a few more. The only empty spot left will be your wallet

2. Are you shy? If so, you might object to the catcalls you will get strutting through your workplace “kitted out” in your uber-geeky cycle wear.

3. Enjoy lunch with co-workers? Not when you start insisting on protein shakes and vegetable fajitas on whole- wheat tortillas. Oh, and of course you will need a ride to lunch, since you never have a car with you.

4. Personally I enjoy being told “Okay, you’ve lost way too much weight!” but maybe you won’t.

5. And finally, do you really want to live a long, active, and healthy life? It takes a lot of savings to last until you are 100!

So trust me, and “Just say no.”

Jim Browning in action!
Jim Browning in action!

To learn more

Click here for a full roster of Valley Bike Month Events

Sunday, April 14 – Bike to the Ballpark
Join Mayor Greg Stanton and for a family-friendly bike ride from Steele Indian School Park to Chase Field. Riders will get a free t-shirt and the option to buy discounted tickets to the D-backs/Dodgers game.

Wednesday, April 17 – Bike to Work and School Day
Walk to bike or school! Group events will take place Valley-wide.

Valley Bike Month Contest
Ride your bike for work, play or attend a biking event for a chance to win great prizes! Visit ShareTheRide.com to register, track your trips, and enter prize drawings.

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