A Bite, Brew, Plus Views: Best Bars and Coffee Shops for Art in Phoenix

Photo courtesy of SideBar
Photo courtesy of SideBar

Hidden like a speakeasy in a nondescript commercial development at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Central is SideBar, a popular landing spot for the late-night and weekend crowds. SideBar is mainly known for its lengthy collection of custom cocktails—drinks ranging from the White Rabbit, a rich, soulful martini that tastes a little like a marshmallow; to the ’Lectric Lemonade, a mash-up of citron vodka, cointreau, limoncello, fresh lemon juice and sweet and sour; and 7Cup—a caucasion with root beer vodka, kahlua and cream. But this quirky upstairs hidden gem should also be recognized for the amazing collections of visual art pinned to its geometric, spacy wall-papered walls. Currently on display is a group of fairly minimal, clean line-drawing art of local artist Abe Z. Other art that has been featured includes wild, loud Mexicano prints and paintings, elegant feminine painted works, art-photographic prints and more. Check out this cozy classic cocktail bar for its diverse selection of excellent shaken drinks, as well as ever-changing eye candy.

1514 N. Seventh Ave.

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