A Bite, Brew, Plus Views: Best Bars and Coffee Shops for Art in Phoenix



The go-to spot for coffee, a light breakfast, free wifi and work space in Central Phoenix, Lux Coffee, also boasts a most attractive visual feature: good aesthetics. You can’t find another coffee shop (and bar!) quite like Lux in the Valley. Part of it has to do with the layout. You have to know how to get into the place—the front door is not situated street-side, as you might expect most diners or strip mall businesses. Go around to the back (or, the West-side, to be specific) and enter. First you encounter a few short rows of couches and cafeteria-style seating. Then you approach the coffee bar, hygienically protected behind glass, but displaying an appealing collection of fresh baked goods—vegan and normal—as well as printed menus and a coffee list. Go a little deeper in, and you hit the central room (feels like a living room from your best friend’s house from middle school, if your best friends’ parents were yuppies with good taste) and the wine and beer bar. Even deeper and you get the room with the big tellie. And all the way back, you get a littler, typically quieter room, with some nice big tables and available chairs to sprawl-out in. But what a lot of patrons appreciate about this place most is the art. Check out the woodsy coffee tables and cold steel deco, plus some heavily layered paintings and pop art-inspired visuals on the walls.

Always open at 6 a.m. this coffee shop also does meals, happy hour, and then becomes a bar at night. Most weekdays, Lux is open until midnight; Fridays and Saturdays ’til 2 a.m.

4400 N. Central Ave.

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