2014 Zonie Awards to Showcase Arizona Event Industry Talent


The Arizona Chapter of the International Special Events Society, ISES, is set to host the 8th annual Zonie Awards for the event industry. This much anticipated yearly awards ceremony is shaping up to be another fabulous event.

The awards dinner will take place on Friday, September 19 from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Venue of Scottsdale.  The event will kick off with a cocktail hour and a silent auction, and will then be followed by the awards banquet.  

“The Zonies” Awards program was initially developed to give recognition and honor to Arizona event industry professionals.  With each awards banquet, the creative side of the event industry is acknowledged, highlighting the planning, strategic management, resourcefulness and successful solutions of the industry throughout the year.  


Featured below are some of the categories you will find at this year’s Zonie Awards.  Whether it be photography, video, décor thru design or catering, these categories show all aspects of the event industry.


Best Social Event +/- 50K
Best Corporate Event +/- 50K
Best Nonprofit Event +/- 50K
Best Festival, Fair or Event Series
Best Wedding +/- 50K (presented by WedAZ Magazine)
Best Event Design-Decor +/- 50K
Best Event Catering +/- 50K (presented by NACE Arizona)
Best Event Innovation
Best Event Technical Production
Best Event Photography (presented by WedAZ Magazine)
Best Event Videography (presented by WedAZ Magazine)

The Zonie Awards are expecting even more attention and publicity for the 2014 awards, as the gala becomes more and more popular every year.  Past winners include the likes of Steve Levine Entertainment, Event Services of America, Zohar Production, Creative Backstage and many other noteworthy companies.  Tickets will go on sale to the public on Friday, August 8.

Featured below are a few of the pictures from last year’s Zonie Awards.

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For additional information or to submit work for consideration for the 2014 Zonie Awards, visit www.ises.com and click on memberships.  All are invited to submit work!


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