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Q: Hello Dr. Repta. I am interested in buttock augmentation but don’t think I have enough fat for a BBL. Are buttock implants safe? –JE

A: Hello J.E. Thank you for the question. The short answer is that yes, buttock implants (silicone) are safe, but buttock fat grafting remains a much better alternative to buttock shaping/enlargement. With time, it is possible for the buttocks implants to shift or move, as well as potentially develop capsule contracture (thick scar tissue) just like breast implants can. For extremely thin patients, buttock implants may be the only solution since there may not be enough fat available to achieve the desired results. This is fairly rare, however, and often even the thinnest of patient has some fat available. The key is to know where to find this extra fat and how to properly remove. As you can see from one of my patients below, she is very thin yet she still achieved and great result using the fat that she did have. For this particular patient, we were able to fat transfer about 400 cc per buttock half.


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