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Q:  Hello Dr. Repta.  Wondering what is new in terms of Breast Augmentation?  —Ann


A:  Hello Ann.  Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular plastic surgery procedure, followed closely by rhinoplasty.  Much of the advances in breast augmentation the last few years has centered on the process of designing the breast augmentation procedure as well as the characteristics of the implant.  We continue to have three main types of implants including saline implants, round silicone implants, and shaped (gummy bear) silicone implants.  We have received a greater variety of each type of implant over the last few years allowing us to select implants with height, width, and projection that fits more closely to each patients ideal implant needs.


I think selecting the right type and size of implant remains the cornerstone of a great and successful breast augmentation result.  In my practice I perform about 85% of the breast augmentations using the shaped silicone (gummy bear) implant.  This implant is also called form stable, anatomic, and tear drop.  It goes by a lot of different names but they all refer to the same thing which is a silicone implant that is thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom.  This mirrors what a natural breast does so it is a particularly great implant choice for patients that are fairly thin.


Placement of the implant continues to be something that is discussed.  I don’t think the location of the implant is critical, rather it should be used as a toll to give each patient what they want most.  For example, a body builder or fitness competitor that does not want the muscle disturbed should receive the implant on top of the muscle in a sub-fascial position.  On the other hand, a very thin person that wants the most natural result possible should consider shaped implant under the muscle.


In the end, deciding on what type of implant, how big the implant should be, and where the implant should be placed with regards to the chest muscle is something that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you understand your options and are getting the breast augmentation that works the best for you.


The patient below, for example, received shaped breast augmentation under the muscle via a breast fold incision.  Her implant height, width, and projection were taken into account when deciding which implant to choose.


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