Ask the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Repta: Fix a Hernia & Get a Tummy Tuck at the Same Time?

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Q: Hello Dr. Repta. Can a hernia be fixed at the same time as a tummy tuck? —Judy

A:   Hello Judy. That is a common question especially among men and women who have lost a lot of weight. It seems like ventral and umbilical hernias tend to be more common for patients who have experienced large weight fluctuations. These hernias can and likely should be repaired at the same time as a tummy tuck or comparable abdominal contouring procedures. By doing so, no additional incisions are created and only one healing process is experienced.

I prefer to repair hernias without the use of mesh using only your own tissue. By doing so, we avoid the complications that can be associated with the used of mesh.

Below is an example of a Fleur-de-lis tummy tuck and verntral hernia repair performed at the same time. As you can see the results can be quite dramatic.


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