Ask the Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Repta: How to Achieve a Natural Facelift

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Q: I am getting to the point that I think I will be need a facelift. What do I do to get a natural result and avoid that fake look? -Anna

A: Great question Anna. Facial rejuvenation is an art and requires careful consideration of what has occurred with aging as well as what the desired result should be. Since aging involves more than just loose skin, facial rejuvenation should be more than just tightening the skin of the face and neck. In addition to properly designing the face lift and neck lift, facial rejuvenation that looks natural also addresses the loss of volume that is often seen. The before and after photos shown here are a good example of this process of facial rejuvenation,–where both the loss of volume as well as the “droopiness” of soft-tissue is addressed. The patient shown here had a face lift, neck lift, as well as fat transfer to the face to replenish natural volume lost.


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