A Taste of Farm & Craft Breakfast

Photos Captured by Peter Speyer | Speyer Photography
Photos Captured by Peter Speyer | Speyer Photography
Now that Farm & Craft in Scottsdale is open every day at 8 a.m. for breakfast, it was time to try a few of it’s a.m. eats. The breakfast menu comprises sweet and savory items that range from breakfast burritos and sandwiches to protein shakes and parfaits (even fresh-pressed cocktails if your morning allows it).
We started with one of the more unique items: the strawberry brioche. The pretty-as-a-picture dish comprises a hearty slice of brioche coated with a can’t-miss combo of a thick layer of sweet mascarpone, sliced strawberries, coconut syrup and mint. Though eating this alone might be a little too sweet to start your day, it is perfect to share and pair with a heartier, more filling dish.
Photos Captured by Peter Speyer | Speyer Photography
Since I am a big fan of Farm & Craft’s lunchtime bowls, I ordered up the sweet potato hash with chicken sausage. This hearty dish was full of scrambled egg whites, kale, sweet potato and all-natural chicken sausage results in a sweet-yet-savory medley of texture and flavors. (This is such a menu favorite that our entire table of three ordered this yummy, healthy dish.)
To drink, the almond milk and coconut cold brew, which is found on tap, is the perfect way to perk you up for the day. But if you don’t have to get to the office post-breakfast, try the Farm & Craft’s Forbidden Fruit. The cocktail features Tito’s Handmade Vodka blended inside of a fresh orange or grapefruit. If vodka simply isn’t possible in your morning routine, ask for the grapefruit sans alcohol for a refreshing, tart start to your day.

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