Sprinkles Cupcakes Launches Three New Flavors

To celebrate 10 years in business, Sprinkles Cupcakes is launching 10 new cupcake flavors this year (there are now 17 domestic and two international locations). This summer, Sprinkles Cupcakes will be carrying three new highly anticipated flavors: Pistachio, Green Tea and Olive Oil.
sprinklesJULY Pistachio2
From July 6 through the 31, Sprinkles is selling their Pistachio cupcake. Loaded with freshly ground pistachios, each bite reveals a light crunch. The powerful cardamom spices add brightness to the cake while a surprising secret ingredient-bright orange blossom-creates a harmonious flavor balance. It is topped with decadent white chocolate cream cheese frosting.
sprinkles AUGUST Green Tea2
Green Tea
Available August 1 through 20, this new cupcake includes fine, high grade Matcha powder that is woven into the recipe yielding a ravishing emerald cake with a tender crumb. It is topped with silky lavender-vanilla frosting.
sprinkles SEPTEMBER Olive Oil2
Olive Oil
Sprinkles Olive Oil cupcakes take a Mediterranean-inspired twist on classic chiffon cake. Extra virgin olive oil imparts moisture and depth into this slightly savory, butterless cupcake. It is drizzled with an orange glaze lush with aromatic rosemary sprig pieces. The new cupcake flavor will be available September 7 through 30.

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