Trendsetter to Know: Jodi Lynn Maxwell of Le Boudoir Studio

Le Boudoir Studio
Le Boudoir Studio

Name:  Jodi Lynn Maxwell




Age: 36

Title: Business Owner/ Photographer/ #Girlboss

Married/Single: Married to an amazing man, my prince charming! 

Kids: I have two amazing little girls, Adelynn who will be 5 in April, and Saylor Mae who will be 2. Saylor was named with my husband in mind, a Navy Veteran. 

City you live in: Gilbert 

A typical day in my life includes… Getting the kiddos to school/daycare, grabbing my green tea so I can function, (#teasnob), and making women feel beautiful! I get to help the women that I have the privilege of working with increase their self-acceptance and self-love by giving them their dream boudoir session. I believe that a woman who not only accepts herself but loves herself – is an unstoppable force. 

I was born… In Phoenix! I am almost a native haha. I had my school days in Las Vegas Nevada and then came back for college and have lived here ever since! I really feel like it’s the perfect place to live, well, partly because I don’t function in colder weather. 

My favorite thing about Arizona… Everything! The weather, the beautiful desert, and the Tacos! I am definitely a foodie. 

I’m listening to… Citizen Cope on Pandora! It will also play some killer artists like Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, and even Fleetwood Mac. 

My family… Is my WORLD! I did not grow up with close family relationships so I may end up being the over-affectionate mom, but they will always know how much I love them! And may tell me to give them some space haha, but I am ok with that ☺ 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Charlie Kirk, such an intelligent man and so young for the knowledge he has, I will leave it as that so I don’t get political but I have a feeling if you know the name, you love him too! 

One thing I cannot live without… Tea! Yummy and amazing health benefits, matcha anyone? 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A photographer! I know right? Most kiddos change their mind a hundred times but it has always been my dream. Confession: I went to college and received my Bachelor’s degree in accounting, but Guess what? I very much feel that it is one of the main reasons for my business success. 

I’m inspired by… Others giving and helping nature. I get so much out of helping others but more importantly what did they get from it? Such little things can help so many others. We never know what others are going through, even just a smile and opening a door can do wonders for someone going through a tough time. 

The one person who motivates me is… My Grandpa, Papaw. He is the one constant source of positivity that I have had from childhood till now and has always told me how proud of me he is. Sometimes those simple words can keep someone going. 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… Fear! Fear keeps us from doing what we would love to do. We only live once, take a leap of faith and do what makes you happy. 

The perfect day would be… A picnic in the mountains with the family! With some yummy food of course, maybe some games for the kiddos and some hiking. 

My first job was… A sub shop. Hey! You gotta start somewhere right? 

My favorite escape… Our cabin in the woods. Such great family memories up there since my dad purchased and finished the building of it in 1982. He passed In January 2020 and we have fixed it up so all the family can visit and enjoy. I grew up going there all my life and can now share those memories with my children. 

My life… is my life! No one else’s. There is no room for judging others. I use the love the quote, “Never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”. Now I have realized even if you could be living the same life as someone you don’t have their feet. We will never truly understand what others are going through because we are not them. Try being empathetic instead. 

I’m currently working on… Downsizing my business so that I can focus on a new endeavor to come! (It’s still a secret) But not to worry, I’ll be continuing my business as a photographer as photography will always have a special place in my heart. 

Always… Have faith in the future. Faith in your health, family, success, and anything that you pursue. Positive things will happen with the more faith we put out into the world. 

Never… Say Never! I feel like there are so many things I said I could never do, own my own successful company, jump out of an airplane, have a natural birth for my baby girl, what’s next? 

Favorite Quote… “The Mind is everything, what we think we become” This has always been my reminder to think positive so positive things can come my way!

Biggest Dream… Buying a home with more land for the kiddos to run around, more outdoor time with the family, and to just slow down. If this past year pandemic has taught us anything, I think it’s to slow down and spend quality time with our family. Enjoy life. 

My Pet Peeve(s)… Burnt tea and starting another task before I finish the first. There are many more OCD tendencies as well but I think that’s how I get stuff done! Each task I finish I feel so relieved. That’s definitely a business mind I think☺ 

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