Trendsetter to Know: Artist Josh Brizuela

Name: Josh Brizuela

Instagram: @josh.bask


Age: 30

I was born… In the Good Samaritan hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Maybe my favorite looking
building in the city.

My favorite thing about Arizona… Monsoon season & oasis lake settings.

I’m listening to… NO SZNS by Jean Dawson & SZA single artwork & music video artwork by me.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Action Bronson.

One thing I cannot live without… Some good spring water. Glass bottles only.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A Jedi or a jet pilot.

I’m inspired by… Nature. All of the most intricate textures & color combinations already humbly

The people who motivate me are… My haters !!!

My first job was… Night shifts packing boxes at Amazon. I fell asleep standing once. My first art job
was drawing enough for a Playstation 2. My dad would grade my drawings & credit $1-$5 per
depending on how good he thought they were. I think he still has them.

My favorite escape… Would either be Sedona swimming in Oak Creek or Tokyo.

My life… Is great.

I’m currently working on… I just wrapped up my biggest mural yet for Birdcall in Gilbert. I’m very
grateful for this opportunity to create public artwork inspired by my mother’s paintings.

Always… Be humble.

Never… Say never.

Bio-on yourself/company: Josh Brizuela is an Argentine contemporary artist based in Phoenix, Arizona. His vibrant, eye-catching pieces take influence from street culture but are ultimately grounded in enduring desert flora and dynamic sunsets that effortlessly adorn the desert sky.

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