Goal Setting

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Understanding how to set goals is not only important for fitness but for life in general. Once you understand how to set S.M.A.R.T goals you will start reaching your full potential in the gym and in life!

@mmmadisonmurray Image by Michael Anthony Gonzalez

-Set both outcome and behavior goals.

Outcome goals are and end all goal with a specific result. Behavior goals are the daily actions that you take in order to reach your outcome goal. With outcome goals you may not always have full control over the end result. With Behavior goals you have full control weather you make those happen. Both types of goals are crucial in the process of becoming your best self.

-Set Specific goals.
Be specific about what your goal is and the steps you will take in order to achieve that goal.

-Set Measurable goals. 
Make sure to pick a goal that can be measured. If you can’t measure the progress and the end result how will you tell if you achieved your goal?

-Set Attainable goals.
Set a goal that is attainable within the time frame that you have set or with the resources available. If you set a goal that is extremely hard to attain, you may not be happy with the final outcome.

-Set Realistic goals. 
Similar to setting attainable goals, you must set a goal that is realistic for you. We all want to make the impossible, possible, and with time that may be an option. But for now, lets just take it day by day and set a goal the you know you can reach!

-Set Timely goals. 
When setting a goal you must also make sure to set a time frame. That will keep you focused and determined throughout the process.

-Set a goal with passion. 
Someone once said if there is no passion, why do it at all. The same goes for goals. You must set a goal with some passion behind it. By doing this it will drive you to continue even when it gets tough. Your goal must mean something to you or else it will be easy to dismiss.

-Last but not least… be focused, yet flexible.
To me this is the most important tip yet. Life happens! Sometimes things come up that you can’t control. Don’t let it knock you off the path, just go over the bridge. There may be a lot of people who do not agree with this next statement but to me there is no goal that is more important than a life to be lived. Learn to incorporate your goal setting into your life and learn to love the process.


Madison Murray is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, certified sports and exercise nutrition coach and a certified functional strength coach. For more info head to www.madfitaz.com or check her out on instagram @mmmadisonmurray 

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