5 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Heavy

Muscular caucasian woman in a gym doing heavy weight exercises. Young woman doing weight lifting at health club.

If you haven’t tried upping your weight in weeks, what exactly are you waiting for? Lifting heavy may be the world’s best kept “secret” to achieving that sexy toned figure and yet women everywhere are choosing to ignore it. Well, look away no more because here we’ll reveal five of some of the best reasons to start going heavy!

  1. FAT BURNER: What many fail to realize is once you step off the treadmill your body ceases to burn fat. What really gets it going is greater muscle mass so when you choose to lift heavy, you grow in lean body mass. This lean body mass is what will burn calories all day long.
  2. DEFINITION: Want to look like Michelle Lewin? Then lift! Because of the low level of testosterone in women, it’s very difficult for muscles to get big, henceforth squashing the myth that lifting heavy weight will make you look like Kali Muscle. In fact, it does the complete opposite: it will make you a lean and defined vixen.
  3. STRENGTH: Strong is the new sexy, make no doubt about it. By adding compound exercises like squats or deadlifts to your routine, and lift with weight, you’ll find yourself in a much different place in terms of strength.
  4. INJURY PREVENTER: By strengthening the muscles, you provide much needed joint support to weaker areas such as knees and ankles. This in the long-run will help avoid injuries to such prone areas. It will also help you maintain excellent form while lifting which will surely impress admiring spectators at the gym.
  5. CONFIDENCE: When a girl trains heavy, it gives her the gift of self-assurance. Knowing you’re able to move around boxes at work or lift your luggage off the conveyor belt without any help does incredible things for a woman. There is nothing more attractive than independence.


Keep these five benefits in mind the next time you opt for the stretching corner of the gym to bust out some air-squats or lunges. It’s time to embrace the weight section, ladies, and it’s time to hit some serious 2017 goals!

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