5 Fitness and Nutrition Myths from Amenzone DC Ranch


Making excuses to not workout or workout in extreme ways because of a preconceived notion of what you think will happen is just plain silly. There should be no excuses. Don’t let those common myths of working out inhibit your own personal physical progress. JD “Gov’nor” Durso, Co-Owner and operator of Amenzone DC Ranch, shares five fitness and nutrition myths that you want to make sure not to fall for!

5 Fitness & Nutrition Myths

Just to clear up a few truths and false myths concerning fitness and nutrition.

1. Lifting weights will make women look like men!

A. FALSE! Women’s main hormone is estrogen. Men’s is testosterone. Testosterone builds muscle, whereas Estrogen does not. So in order for a woman to build muscle, a woman would need to inject testosterone. That is why female bodybuilders look like men and have deep voices.

B. To achieve a firm toned body, one needs to do some type of resistance training to build lean muscle mass. This will give that look women want. ATTENTION WOMEN!!.. You will NOT get big!

2. Losing weight is the same as losing fat!

If you do NO resistance training and just cut back your calories you will lose lean muscle tissue and GAIN body fat while losing weight. Ever heard the term “Skinny Fat”? This is where that term comes from.

Other benefits of building lean muscle tissue –

  1. You become a fat burning machine all day long (during rest and exercise)
  2. Your body is firm and toned
  3. You are able to live a more functional life.
  4. You stay Young!

3. Walking burns the same amount of calories as running.


So, no. If you run for 20 mins and walk for 50 minutes you will burn the same amount of calories. If you walk and run the same amount of time, running burns more!

4. I should eat a lot of fruit because it’s natural.

No, fruit is full of natural sugar fructose. Limit your fruits to once a day in the morning while losing weight and chose low sugar fruits such as fresh berries.

5. I should copy some hot-bodied model that tells what their workout is.

No, we are all built different. Take into consideration the amount of muscle mass, age, male or female and workload outside the gym. Consult a qualified fitness specialist or gym (Amenzone DC Ranch; 480-707-9988) for help in creating a program.


Now let’s get moving and enjoy a more productive life. Today implement fitness as a vehicle for life!

JD “Gov’nor” Durso

B.S. Exercise Science

Co-Owner and operator of Amenzone DC Ranch



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