5 Fitness Favorites: Ashley Zettler

Ashley Zettler, owner/instructor at Sumits Yoga North Phoenix shares all her fit faves
Ashley Zettler, owner/instructor at Sumits Yoga North Phoenix shares all her fit faves
Ashley Zettler, owner/instructor at Sumits Yoga North Phoenix shares all her fit faves

I finally got hot and sweaty at Sumits Yoga North Phoenix. The studio was love at first sight, a posh place with a chill vibe. And owner and instructor Ashley Zettler couldn’t have been sweeter (if you’ve met Ashley, you know exactly what I mean). Here, Ashley, who left her downtown 8-5 job to open the hot yoga studio, shares all her local fit favorites…

Favorite time to workout…
My favorite time for my yoga practice is in the evening. It’s probably because that was always the only time that I could practice with an 8-5 job, but now that I have more time it’s still the best time of day to practice. I love that after a long busy day I can come to my mat for 80 minutes and just let everything else go. It helps clear my mind so I can relax and unwind for the evening.

Favorite workout…
My favorite workout is obviously Sumits Yoga 😉 Not only is it a great workout that keeps me feeling challenged no matter how many times I’ve done it, it also teaches me so much more. The physical aspect of yoga is just a small portion of how yoga has become a part of my life. Every day in the hot yoga room is different, and you have to learn to accept where you are today without any expectations for yourself. Always accepting where you are in each moment and just being compassionate for what your body can do makes for such a rewarding experience. I always know that no matter how stressed I am about something, I can just take some time where all I have to do is breathe, and by the end of an 80 minute session I feel renewed and refreshed.

Ashley Zettler strikes a pose!
Ashley Zettler strikes a pose!

Favorite instructor…
Definitely Kim Ewan. She is such an inspiration to me as a teacher and as a student of yoga. She reminds us that it’s ok to laugh at ourselves and to have fun with our yoga. She really has taught me that the most important thing about our practice is not being perfect in every pose. The person who can touch their forehead to their feet is not any happier than the person who cannot. But the person that is happy with what they can do and grateful for their abilities is happier. I also love when she says things like “love your muffin top! It’s the best part of the muffin!”

Favorite healthy restaurant…
Definitely True Food at the Biltmore! I always order the “TLT” with a side of ½ Kale salad and ½ Sweet Potato Hash. Oh, and a Hangover RX. Not because I’m hungover, just because it’s delicious!

Favorite skincare line…
REN Clean Skincare. It’s 100% plant- and mineral-based without any other synthetic ingredients. I especially like the Bio Retinoid Anti-Aging Concentrate. It makes my skin feel soft and moisturized. I put it on at night and by the morning my skin looks great. All of their product smell fresh and clean. I also like that I can buy it at Citrine in Union at Biltmore Fashion Park. I’m all about supporting local entrepreneurs.

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