Stuck on a weight plateau?

Try cryotherapy at Cerulean

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Are you stuck on a weight plateau?  Have you been doing everything in your power to lose weight and it still won’t come off? Sometimes you just gotta mix it up and do something your body isn’t used to.  One amazingly fun, different way to mix up your routine is to add cryotherapy.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself what in the world is cryotherapy? This is a three minute treatment in which you stand in a huge tank that is chilled to  -220 degrees.  You may be asking yourself, “How in the world will this help me lose weight?”


The cold air shocks your body into  thinking you are in trouble, “fight or flight”.  This causes your body to work overtime so that you don’t get hypothermia.  In turn, your body will burn 400-600 calories.  That is equivalent to doing at least one hour of cardio exercise. In addition, it reduces lactic acid build up by 40%, helps with inflammation, firms the skin, increases collagen production and even more.  Imagine if you were to continue doing your regular scheduled exercise and added this treatment to your day. You would be burning calories like crazy, and your recovery time would be faster.  This also enable you to work harder and smarter in your workouts.

Now, just because you are burning a lot of calories does not mean you get to go and eat them, stay vigilant with eating clean and having portion control and you will see the desired results.   My favorite place to do cryotherapy is at Cerulean in Scottsdale.  Mention Lifestyle Jules and try cryotherapy for $35 for your first time!  You will be hooked!  I PROMISE!!!!

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