Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much

Faith Hibbs Clark operating the camera at the PetSmart audition

Full time I work as an engineer.  On the side, I probably tried just about everything in the fitness and entertainment industry at least once.   I’ve been a national level bikini competitor, commercial actress, print model, stunt woman and pageant judge on TLCs Toddlers & Tiara’s to name a few.  The one thing I took away from all of these life experiences is that it is ok to laugh at yourself which is the underlying theme of my blog “Lift, Love, Laugh”.

So now that I decided to start sharing my experiences I began to worry, what if I take on this new venture and nothing stupid happens to me anymore?

As soon as a I started to worry, I received an email from Good Faith Casting inviting me to audition for a PetSmart Commercial.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Good Faith Casting, Faith Hibbs-Clark is Arizona’s #1 Casting Director.  I’ve been auditioning for Faith for about ten years, haven’t booked that much but I go on a ton of auditions, so she must see something in me, Right??

Well I arrive at the petsmart audition…. I was auditioning for the part of “mom” (Yes, mom.  This has been a somewhat recent “typecast” development).

Faith Hibbs Clark operating the camera at the PetSmart audition
Faith Hibbs-Clark at the PetSmart audition

Ok let me get back to the audition, I had a beautiful little girl to the left of me and a handsome little boy to my right. I was sitting down wearing a v-neck shirt (I promise it was not that low cut).  But between the camera angle and the view through the fish tank, hmmm Let’s just say I was told,

“Can u pick up your shirt we are not looking for Dolly Parton to feed the fish!!”

So in summary maybe I shouldn’t worry so much….
and big thanks to Faith for looking out for me!

tonianne6-M  Lift, Love, Laugh **Toniann
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