The Best Ways to Get Fit in 2015

Music + fitness = fun!

I’m a sucker for best-of lists. Last year I wrote “The Best Ways to Get Fit in 2014.” And with 2015 just a few holiday parties away, it’s time for the 2015 list. So, before you set your New Year’s fitness resolutions, read all the newest trends taking over fitness…

Sweating Gets Even More Social

Forget schmoozing and socializing over dinner and drinks; working out is the new social hour. Gal pals are meeting up for happy hour sweat sessions, plus work meetings are even getting combined with workouts (#Sweatworking). Best of all: No hangover!
TRY Drop Saddle at RPM Spin
TRY Sweat at BODI

Spin with friends
Spin with friends

Recovery Classes Become a Thing
You workout hard… and you’ll be recovering even harder. High intensity interval training hit new heights in 2014, and with it, SO-ORE muscles. The solution: recovery classes like foam rolling and yin yoga. They help rid the body of lactic acid and give the fascia some much-needed love (hello, therapeutic!) – and they’re super stress relieving! Think of them as the massages of fitness classes.
TRY Qi-Yoga & Body Rolling at Metta Yoga
TRY Yin Yoga at Floo-id Yoga
TRY True Yin + Restorative at True Hot Yoga

Recovery classes get the respect they deserve
Recovery classes get the respect they deserve

Classes Get Shorter… and Shorter
You’ll be squeezing in workouts… literally. That’s because class times are shrinking down to, like, 15 minutes (NO JOKE!). New research is finding that short bursts of high-intensity exercise are just as beneficial as longer workouts. Not a minute of class is wasted, and yes, you’ll get a MAJOR workout.
TRY Cardio15 at StudioMixx, 15 minutes of the most intense cardio, like, ever!
TRY Boxing (35 minutes) at Amenzone South Scottsdale

Fitness Classes Take a Cue from Concerts
Move over iPods! Instead of instructors just delivering a customized playlist (so last year), classes are turning concert-worthy. So expect to downward dog along to a strumming sitar or spinning along to a club-worthy DJ.
TRY RealRyde with DJ T-Last at CoreBalance Studio
TRY Candlelight Flow and Live Music with Hamid and Alexis at Urban Yoga Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Music + fitness = fun!
Music + fitness = fun!

Ballet-Inspired Classes Take Center Stage
Have you seen Misty Copeland’s Under Armor commercial? The girl is one badass ballerina (with a very good ass!), and she makes it cool to tap into your inner ballerina. Ballet-inspired barre classes will continue to gain momentum, and ballerinas-turned-instructors are infusing their own moves into Pilates and even TRX and yoga classes. (Psst: Fitness fashion is going ballet too!)
TRY Karve at Karve Southbridge and Karve North Scottsdale
TRY Dailey Barre at The Dailey Method Barre Studio Desert Ridge
TRY Pilates Air: Jump-lates at The Pilates Club at AZ Body Mechanics

A round of applause for Misty Copeland
A round of applause for Misty Copeland

Fusion Fitness Takes Off
Hybrid fitness classes combine the best of both worlds. Instead of just doing an hour straight of TRX (boring), classes are combining different disciples. The result: More fun and boosted results!
TRY Body Blast | Barre/TRX Combo Class at Remedy PM (Tuesdays at 9am)
TRY 20/20/20 – Mat/TRX Fusion at IM=X Pilates

Meditation Goes Mainstream
We all know meditation is good for us – heck, even Howard Stern does it – but this year we’ll actually do it. That could mean downloading a meditation app or trying out a meditation class.
TRY Gong Meditation at Remedy PM

Let's meditate!
Let’s meditate!

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