The Best Comedy Clubs in Phoenix

by: Meaghan McInerny

There’s nothing wrong with sharing that new sarcastic Wonka meme on Facebook or downloading an app to watch funny videos on your iPhone. But, did you know, there are real, live people who get paid to be funny in front of you —it’s true — and you can find these magical places in Phoenix. So, if you’re ready to spend a night where your smartphone isn’t the coolest thing in the room, check out Stand Up Scottsdale or Stand Up Live.

Stand Up Scottsdale

Courtesy of Karen Cantor
Courtesy of Karen Cantor

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Stand Up Scottsdale has a mainstage space and a secondary comedy lounge. Prices vary based on the show, but most will be around $15 with a two item minimum at the bar. It’s probably best to eat before you go and order two drinks. Though there is a kitchen, trying to eat a full dinner during a performance isn’t exactly idea. The main space has seating up close and personal to the stage and some more remote seating for any shyer audience members.

Wednesday night shows are Open Mic nights, so the quality of the acts will vary widely. Luckily, each comic has a limited amount of stage time, so if there is a dud, it’s okay. Thursday through Saturday shows are stand up sets performed by more established comics, many on national tours and boasting TV credits.
Get there early, especially if you’re in a group. You’ll want time to find a good seat (that’s subjective based on your group and the comic’s style) and get your drink order in. Reservations can be made via phone or email.

Stand Up Scottsdale
6820 E. 5th Ave.

Stand Up Live


This Comedy Central certified club is located in Cityscape, in downtown Phoenix. It’s easily accessible by light rail and there’s plenty to do in the surrounding area. They draw great comics like Damon Wayans, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Jay Mohr (all playing in the next month).
This is a crowded club. Lots of Yelp! reviews liken it to being packed in like sardines. Ticket prices are generally reasonable, but watch out for food and drink prices. They have a two drink minimum (not a two item minimum) and most drinks on the menu don’t have a price listed. Expect drinks to start at $10 each. All tabs will have a 15% gratuity automatically attached. At night at Stand Up Live won’t come cheap, but you’re likely to see acts you just can’t see elsewhere in the valley. They do validate parking at Cityscape for up to three hours with additional parking at only $2/hour.

Stand Up Live
50 W. Jefferson St.

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