Staying In: Throw a Cinco de Mayo Pool Party

Courtesy of Brit + Co.

by: Amanda Savage

Throwing a house party is a safe, cost-effective alternative to going out on Cinco de Mayo. Although the responsibility of a host is work, this guide will ensure that you have everything you need.


Courtesy of Food For My Family
Courtesy of Food For My Family

Decide if you will provide a meal or just serve snacks, and let your guests know. Potlucks ensure that everyone will have an option they like, and they are less work for the host.

Good food doesn’t have to be complicated. A perfect host gladly prepares a few different dishes for their guests.

Make food that’s easy to eat and can bare to sit outside for a few hours without going bad. It’s going to be sunny and people will be baring their bodies, so it’s important to make food that’s satisfies but isn’t heavy. Ditch the heavy cheeses of traditional Mexican food, and take a fresh approach to food.

Here are some delicious, easy and satisfying recipes to consider:



Courtesy of Brit + Co.
Courtesy of Brit + Co.

Crisp, delicious drinks are essential for a successful Cinco de Mayo pool party. Have Mexican beer options like Corona, Negra Modelo and Dos Equis with fresh cut limes ready to go. Glass by the pool can be hazardous with rowdy, drunk guests—plastic cups are a quick fix.

Consider making margarita or Sangria pitchers as the party starts opposed to per-request – unless you want to be the designated bartender all day. If you make the drink mixes the night before, the ingredients may separate and the drink won’t taste fresh. Fresh squeezed juice makes all the difference.

Go above and beyond the call of duty and get creative with Cinco de Mayo themed Jello shots made in lime wedges. Shark Attack Margarita Tubes are alcohol-infused margarita ice-pops that are fun and different. They are available at Bevmo.

Don’t forget ice!

Decorations and Party Favors

Melamine Plates from Popsugar
Melamine Plates from Popsugar

Less is more with decorations. Turn items you need like plates, cups, napkins, table cloths and bowls into festive decor with bright, patterned and colorful alternatives to the basics.

Hang a pinata and a few hanging decorations like paper fans, paper banners or lantern garland. Party City is a one-stop shop for this.

Buy floaties, pool noodles, glow-sticks and a volley ball net for your pool or yard.


Play fun, up-beat music that puts people in a good mood. Invite your friend who DJs or make a Cinco de Mayo Spotify playlist that guests can add their favorite tracks to before the party.  Just exclude that one friend with terrible taste in music. If that’s too much work, has a lot of party playlists while DJs like Nervo and Diplo have weekly podcasts available for free.

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