Hot Duo Coming to Tempe on Saturday: Chromeo


Chromeo, a hot Canadian electrofunk duo formed in 2004 in Montreal, is coming to Tempe this Saturday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m.  The duo consists of childhood friends Dave Macklovitch, referred to as Dave 1, and Patrick Gemaye, referred to as P-Thugg.  This unique group has a mesmerizing sound of dance floor jams that will keep your musical desires satisfied all night long.

AZ Foothills got the chance to chat with lead singer and guitarist Dave 1 Macklovitch of the electrofunk duo about his upcoming performance.  The interview is featured below.

AFM- How did you decide on the name Chromeo?

It just came to me.. You have the romantic side that comes with the romeo, and the robotic that comes with the chrome. I couldn’t believe no one thought about it as a name before.

AFM- How did you both meet?

We’ve been best friends since high school. We were in high school band together, and have stayed best friends for like 20 years now. We decided to do this type of music together.

AFM- How did you get involved with the music industry?

I’ve been doing music forever.  When I was younger and in my hometown of Montreal I was making hip hop beets and making hip hop tracks for rap artists. My brother is with A-Trak, and we would just work together and in our recording studio. From there it just kind of evolved

AFM- Do you write or co-write your own songs?

P-Thugg and I do everything together.  It is always a collaboration with us. The lyrics are always me, but we work on everything together.

AFM- Which song out of all your songs are you most proud of?

Mamma’s Boy.  Cause it’s the least obvious for Chromeo, and we pulled it off.  It became a classic that talks about something true to who I am.

AFM- What would you say your biggest break has been so far?

There’s been so many things over the years!  When we did Letterman for the first time.  We also had one of the top 10 performances at Coachella this past weekend.  Playing on the main stage of Coachella was like a really big thing.  I remember in 2007 when MTV started play9ing our videos.  That really changed everything for us. Now “Jealous” is starting to play on the radio, so that’s another big break!

AFM- If you could say anything to your Arizona fan base, what would it be? 

Keep it funky and fight the power!

Check out the music video for their hit single “Jealous” featured below.

[youtube id=”RhmUnk454MA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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