Get to Know the Staff: Kyle Macy


by: Amanda Savage

“Get to Know the Staff” is back this week with Kyle Macy the bar manager at Wild Knight and quite possibly the best boyfriend in Old Town. Meet the people who make the famous nightlife scene of Scottsdale possible.

AFM: What’s your story? How did you get your start in the night life industry?

Kyle: The summer of 2002 I decided to move to Arizona from Portland, Ore., to try out for the basketball team at Mesa Community College, where I also studied psychology. I made the basketball team and played for them for a year. My passion my whole life has always been basketball, but after a year playing small college basketball, I realized that my future was not going to be in basketball.

After sports was not a apart of my education I lost my drive and direction for school. I dropped out and decided to attend the Scottsdale Culinary Institute and pursue a culinary arts degree. I graduated from SCI which helped me to realize that I had a passion for the service industry. Even though I definitely enjoy cooking, I did not necessarily want to become a chef.

So I started from the bottom and bussed tables at Fiamma Italian Restaurant, and then did room service at the then James Hotel, which is now Saguaro Hotel. After the James I bar-backed at The Valley Ho and bar-backed at The Devil’s Martini South, which is now closed down. I then headed down to Mill Ave and did security at Suite 301 where I was finally promoted to Bartender. I then received a job at a place called Taste Ultra Lounge in north Scottsdale as Head Bartender however, that venue only lasted about 6 months so I went back down to Mill Ave and bartended at Zuma Grill for 2 years. After 2 years at Zuma Grill I was offered the position as Bar Manager at Narcisse Champagne Lounge in the Scottsdale Quarter.

I’ve been here at Wild Knight for the past two years and have loved every second of it, its truly a privilege.  I also work a seasonal job as a server/bartender for Michael’s Catering which I’ve done on and off for the past 7 years.


AFM: What makes you great at what you do? What sets you apart from other people that have the same job as you?

Kyle: What makes me great at what I do is my passion for not just bartending, but the service industry as a whole. I enjoy bartending and take pride in the quality of my cocktails and the overall experience the customer has at my venue. I’m a hard working, diligent and punctual employee that makes sure I do every aspect of my job to the best of my ability. I believe what sets me apart from others is my extensive experience in the service industry. There isn’t a position that I have not done, we could be short staff on any area of the venue and I would be able to step in and fill those shoes. I’ve worked in the kitchen, bussed tables, done security, bar-backed, bartended and served tables. I’ve done fine dinning, night clubs, sports bars, resorts you name it. I believe strongly in my knowledge for this industry and am able to bring a lot to the table.

AFM: What do you bring to Wild Knight?

Kyle: What I bring to Wild Knight is an excited, motivated employee who strives for success which shows in my work. I firmly believe that I am a great employee and definitely an asset to any company that I work for because of my work ethic and desire to share my knowledge and experience with the owners and other staff members. I am a very passionate person and want my venue to be as successful as possible.

AFM: Why should customers want you as their bartender?

Kyle: Customers should want me as their bartender because I really do take pride in how my drinks are presented, made and taste. I don’t want a customer to get served by me and think my drinks tastes gross or it took me forever to get them their cocktail. I make sure you get the best cocktail possible in a timely matter while maintaining quality customer service every time.

AFM: What do you love most about your job?

Kyle: What I love most about my job is working in a great night club with an awesome atmosphere and fast paced environment. I love dance music and feel fortunate that I’m able to hear the best DJ’s in the business night after night with the best sound system in AZ while I work. Its great meeting tons of new people and creating numerous contacts in the industry across the country.


AFM: What do you like least?

Kyle: What I like least about my job is definitely the hours. I have a girlfriend who has a normal day job 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., and the thing I look forward to the most is spending time with her. Our schedules are completely opposite but we make it work.

AFM: In this industry it’s a given that you get hit on. What’s the weirdest way anyone has ever tried to get your number or pick you up?

Kyle: Whats the weirdest way anyone has hit on me? Ha ha! It’s honestly like white noise to me. I really don’t pay attention, its just something that comes with the territory. To answer the question though, girls don’t really get creative with that stuff from my experience. They usually just write their numbers down on a tab receipt without even telling me, others will ask me to make out with them at the bar, and some just flat out ask me to go home with them after work. I think most girls aren’t used to having to hit on guys so they’re just blunt. What’s really funny is when I say no thanks I have a girlfriend, then they get real upset.

AFM: Do you have anything else going on? What are you doing in your free time?

Kyle: In my free time I love going to the gym, working out, hiking, outdoor activities and staying healthy. I’ll play basketball for hours on my days off and play in a Scottsdale league twice a year. I don’t know what I would do with out it, it helps me relieve stress and anxiety, I just feel better mentally and obviously physically when I’m staying in shape. I’ll go out from time to time with friends and my girlfriend to any bar that happens to be open on that given night or day. Most of my friends work in the industry and I love going in and supporting their venue and saying, “Hi”. Laying on the couch and watching TV is probably my favorite though. Nothing is more relaxing to me.

AFM: What are some of your favorite local spots to hang out at?

Kyle: Honestly I don’t have a favorite spot in town, Scottsdale has a great nightlife with tons of options and as long as my friends are with me and we have some drinks then its always a good time. If I had to pick one though I would choose iPic, that place is amazing.

AFM: It’s your day off, you have to work tomorrow and money isn’t an object. What are you doing?

Kyle: My girlfriend, all of her and my friends, private jet, rage in Vegas!


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