Get to Know the Staff: Jill Mangi from Maya


by : Elizabeth Ninivaggi

“Get to Know the Staff” is back this week with, Jill, a hostess  at Maya Day and Nightclub. Meet the people who make the famous nightlife scene of Scottsdale possible.

AFM: What’s your story? 

Jill: Maya is my first job in the nightlife industry. I got this job by looking online and coming across this new nightclub. I saw that they were going to have big time DJ’s performing and I knew I would love to work in that kind of environment.

AFM: What sets you apart from other people that have the same job as you?

Jill: I think that loving to be there sets me apart from other people. I really enjoy the atmosphere and don’t mind the hours.


AFM: Why should customers want you as their hostess?

Jill: I’m always very polite and understanding and if there is a problem I’ll always listen to what is said and then tell he/she our policies and take it from there.

AFM: What’s the best part about your job?

Jill: The best part about my job is getting to see the DJs. Even though I am working it is still cool to see them and get paid doing so.

AFM: What do you like least?

Jill: Since I’m a hostess I have to stand in one spot for most of the time and I wish I could be walking around or more interactive.

jill1 - Copy

AFM: What do you do in your free time?

Jill:I have an internship at Steve LeVine Entertainment and I am also a full time student. I love hanging out with friends, going to concerts and movies.

AFM: Who’s been your favorite performer so far at Maya, and why?

Jill: My favorite performer at Maya has been Nervo. I did not work that day so I got to see them up close and fully enjoy their set. I thought they were absolutely amazing and so energetic.

AFM: What are some of your favorite local spots to hang out at in Tempe and Scottsdale?

Jill: My favorite spots in Tempe are Fat Tuesdays, Cue Club, and I love to eat at Ztejas. My favorite spots in Scottsdale other than Maya are El Hefe and Hi Fi.


AFM: Everybody has “their song” when they’re out that they want to hear, what’s yours?

Jill: Right now the song I love to hear is Summertime Sadness.

AFM: It’s your day off, you have to work tomorrow and money isn’t an object. What are you doing?

Jill: I would definitely have to say either going to Vegas or Miami. They are both such amazing places and I always have a great time.

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