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10 Things to do This Weekend in Phoenix: Family Edition

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Now that the triple digits are upon us, indoor and nighttime activities are crucial to provide the family with some much-needed fun without the fear of sunburn, heatstroke, or just being plain miserable. Thankfully, many venues in Phoenix are offering safe and fun activities for the upcoming weekend, ranging from a free concert at Kierland Commons, a puppet show at the Great American Puppet Theater, and Phoenix’s own Comicon convention. Here are AFM’s Top 10 things to do June 6– 8!

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10 Things To Do This Weekend: Family Edition

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June is fast approaching, but you don’t have to let the heat stop you from enjoying a fun family weekend. Cool down at Wet ‘n’ Wild for their Dive ‘n’ Movies or enjoy the new Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science exhibit at the Arizona Science Center. Wrap up your weekend with a scrumptious Sunday Brunch and an OneRepulic concert. Here are AFM’s top 10 things for May 28-June 1.



10 Things to Do This Weekend: Family Edition

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Looking for the perfect escape this weekend? AFM has a few irresistible events that will keep you wishing for the weekend to never come to an end. Try a taste of the Caribbean at the Phoenix Caribbean Street Parade or take a trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens for an interactive flashlight tour in the desert night. Kids will also love the Build! Toy Brick Art exhibit at the Heard Museum. So much to do, so little time, so go out and enjoy a weekend of fun for the last few days of spring.



10 Things To Do This Weekend in Phoenix: Family Edition

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Come pick the ripest peaches this weekend at Schnepf Farm's Peach Festival, take a ride on a magic carpet with Aladdin at Desert Stages Theatre, or visit Downtown Chandler for a brilliant art walk display featuring over 70 local artists. Here, AFM has found unique events for families this weekend in Phoenix.



Valley Author Debuts New Mommy Book

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As a style contributor to one of Arizona’s lifestyle magazines, Nadine Bubeck is no stranger to having her voice heard. This time, she has taken on a whole new challenge of being a mom and in her new book “Expecting Perfect: My Bumpy Journey to Mommyhood” she isn’t leaving any of the juicy details out. Nadine shares her experience as a mom and why her new book is perfect for new mothers.


AFM: At what point did you realize that you wanted to publish your diary?

NB: I started journaling when my husband and I began trying to conceive. The whole baby-making experience was funny and stressful at the same time, so I decided to document our adventure in conception. Once I got pregnant, however, I experienced so many thoughts, feelings and emotions, that writing became my vice. I literally transformed–both physically and emotionally–into a mother. I was faced with challenges (placenta previa, bleeding, bed rest, and a preemie), that I was forced to overcome.  As I wrote, I did, in fact, consider publishing my diary; but once I was finished, and once I re-read my journal, I came to the conclusion to make it public. And so I bit the bullet…

AFM:  While other expectant moms ate their way through their pregnancy as a therapeutic method, what about writing intrigued you?

NB: I've always been a writer. I love to write. I write the way I talk. I'm candid. It's how I've always been able to really express myself authentically. Throughout my pregnancy, writing gave me an opportunity to make peace with my true and honest feelings without being judged. My laptop seriously became my BFF.

AFM: What are you hoping mommies-to-be will gain from your book?

NB: This book is for anyone trying to conceive, anyone currently pregnant, or anyone who is already a mom. I want to give women an outlet I didn't have. Throughout my pregnancy, I wish I had something or someone to relate to which is why I hope women reading my book will find peace in relating to my story. Many of us are under the impression that pregnancy is perfect; we see perfect pregnancies in movies, beautiful bellies on Facebook, etc. The truth is, though, that pregnancy is an adventure often stocked with challenges, hurdles, and a roller-coaster of emotions. I want to break the barrier of perfection and let women know that imperfection is OK; that even a bumpy journey to mommyhood can be a wonderful experience. And in the end, it is all worth it. Becoming a mother is the greatest most rewarding gift in the entire world.

AFM:  Are you working on any new material?

Absolutely! Book two is in the works. It's not another journal, per se, but it will still be brutally honest and edgy!

AFM:  How has your life changed since becoming a mother?

NB: Once I became a mom, everything changed.  Everything, including my job in TV news, all of a sudden became secondary.  I had been in the TV news biz nearly 10 years and on-air for seven. My career has always meant so much to me and it still does; however, things are different now. However, I do believe in maintaining a sense of self. I've always been a self-starting, ambitious person with high hopes and big dreams. Therefore, I'm now forming a balancing act: being mom, wife, author, host, producer, blogger, speaker, etc.  I have never been happier; and admittedly, have never been busier!  I'm able to pursue my passion without surrendering time with my son. Oh, and those late nights, Saturday outings, parties, and events…well, my days now dwindle down around 7 p.m. when I put Nicholas to bed. I wouldn't trade rocking him to sleep for anything in the world. 

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