Valley Resort Named "Premier Golf Resort"

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Congrats are in order to The Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park. The resort has been named to GOLF Magazine and’s prestigious “Premier Resorts” rankings for 2016-17 – the...


Golf Swing Fault of the Week: "S" Posture

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Golf Swing How To Golf Swing

Please consult a physician before exercising. Stop exercising if you feel dizzy, lightheaded and/or nauseas.  Also, stop exercise if you experience muscle or joint pain.

There are 16 swing faults that can rob you of a great experience on the golf course. Swing faults can occur because of either a lack of skill or a lack of physical ability. I can help your lack of physical ability, while a teaching pro can help you improve your skills.

Here we review the "S" Posture, how it affects you golf swing...


The Most Important Muscle for Swinging a Golf Club

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You might remember Tiger Woods withdrawing from the Farmers Insurance Open last year because of “deactivated glutes.” Many in the sports and golf world had their fun at the expense of Tiger and his glutes. Now, this is not written to defend whether or not Tiger experienced “deactivated glutes.”  The primary purpose is to emphasize that glute activation is paramount for the golf swing.

Weak or deactivated glutes can contribute to all of the swing faults. They are the biggest muscle group that connects the lower body to the core of...


WMPO Tournament Chairman Daniel Mahoney

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(Photo courtesy of                  

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is the most-attended PGA TOUR event in the world, regularly drawing more than 500,000 fans to TPC Scottsdale each year. You might recognize the hosts of the tournament, The Thunderbirds, in their blue tunics and silver pendants driving around in golf carts, serving Thunder Dogs at the Life Bird Grill or helping with any odds and ends that might occur during tournament week. While all 55 active members – and most of the 350 Life Birds – of The Thunderbirds volunteer an extraordinary amount of their...


The 5 Important Stable Joints for the Golf Swing

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Last week I shared the '6 Critical Mobile Joints for the Golfer' and I mentioned the stable joints: foot, knee, lumbar spine, scapulo-thoracic (shoulder blades), and elbows. The stable joints are important because they are “the rock” or the foundation for the mobile joints. A lack of stability in the stable joints will result in altered movement patterns and swing faults.

The foot is probably the most notable stable joint.  It is the only joint that makes constant contact with the ground. Without good stability in the foot, your balance will be...

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