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How to Make your Fitness Goals a Reality This Year

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Making health and fitness goals for the New Year is easy; actually achieving them can be hard.

Jeff Stokes, vice president of HYPOXI USA, a unique training system that uses compression technology and low-impact exercise to burn fat, shares tips on how to keep that fitness motivation all year long and simple ways to ease into a healthier lifestyle. 

The best way to start is to...


Are Prescription Medications Becoming a Luxury?

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Necessary prescriptions that help people create their cycle of health could very well be considered a luxury for many in 2016. It has been reported that cost is the #1 reason people don’t take medication that has been prescribed. About one in two people state they found it difficult to pay for the prescriptions they need, and one in four did not fill their prescription because they couldn’t afford it. Too any people are facing difficult financial decisions because they don’t have health insurance coverage, or their insurance prescription drug plan does not cover...


How to Have a Positive Self Image in the New Year

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When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, many people tend to promise themselves they will lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle in the upcoming year. While health and fitness goals are important, it’s also essential to stay positive about your progress when working toward these goals. Dr. Julie T. Anné, licensed Scottsdale psychologist and co-founder of an innovative emotional eating weight-loss program called The Healthy Weigh Out, gives her tips on how to maintain a positive self image in the New Year.


Tips to Keep Fit During the Holidays

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An endless parade of parties featuring sweet treats, cookies and cakes can often make it difficult to stay on track with fitness goals during the busy holiday season. With some planning, mindfulness and enjoyment, it can be simplified this year. Lead Trainer Adam Maielua of The Body Lab shares his tips on keeping fit despite the temptations.

It’s important to remember that the holidays are about maintaining, not setting goals, says Maielua. New goals can be the focus of the New Year. During these winter months, try to change up your fitness routine by doing different activities at different times at...


Superior Athletic Training Meets Advanced Recovery Methods

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Stepping foot inside the futuristic-looking, new wellness facility in Scottsdale, I had little idea what to expect during my experience testing some of their services. CERULEAN Progressive Athletic Training and Wellness combines several different modalities under one roof that had never before been available from just one facility. The modalities boast a variety of health benefits, like maximized athletic performance, faster recovery, increased strength and decreased pain.

The facility offers Cryotherapy, altitude and zero-gravity training, hypobaric adaptive conditioning, several rejuvenation options, athletic testing, and much more.

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