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Phoenix Hosts First-Ever Yoga Festival

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It was a weekend of spiritual bliss, personal growth and restoration at Phoenix’s first ever luxury yoga event, Namaste AZ Yoga Festival. Created by Sumit Banerjee, national yoga instructor and the mind behind the hybrid yoga style dubbed “Sumits,” the Namaste AZ Yoga Festival took place this past weekend at the sophisticated The...


Freeze Off Fat & Tighten Skin Simultaneously With Fresh Start MedSpa’s Fusion Contouring™

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Loosing weight is a feat in and of itself, but oftentimes the downside of extensive fat loss is loose, listless skin.


Now, the latest innovative technology from Fresh Start MedSpa is making it possible to simultaneously eliminate stubborn fat while tightening the skin around the area of fat loss for a completely rejuvenated and refreshed look.


Eat Pretty: 16 Foods for Better Skin, Hair & More

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You are what you eat. (Did you know kale can diminish under-eye circles, sweet potatoes can make your skin glow and bell peppers can slow down the aging process?) Take advice from the experts, and add these 16 eats to your shopping list pronto for results that are not only good for you but good-looking on you, too.


“Yogurt is beneficial for overall wellness, but this probiotic-rich food is especially helpful to the skin,” says Dr. Janice Johnston,​ M.D., medical director and family practice provider at Arrowhead Health Centers. “Your skin and digestive tract happen to...


Keep Your Heart Healthy: Tips to Get You Moving Every Day

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The American Heart Association recently released a science advisory warning people against the comfortable couch-potato life. We all know sitting for long periods of time isn’t great for your health, but when most of us are working at a desk eight or more hours per day, how can we combat the plague of the sedentary lifestyle on a daily basis? Adam Maielua, lead fitness instructor at The Body Lab AZ, gives a few tips on how to stay active, keep your body healthy, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

AFM: How does sitting for long periods of time negatively affect the body?



How To Protect Your Child from Adolescent Obesity

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Dr. Susan Wilder is a family practitioner in Scottsdale who specializes in functional medicine. With Arizona ranking 36th in the nation for childhood obesity rates among high school students, Dr. Wilder wants parents to know how to teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime.



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