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Dignity in Cancer Treatment with Comfycozy's For Chemo

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Her name was Amanda Hope Tallman; a moniker that came to Amanda's mother one morning as she hiked Squaw Peak. "It was a very sad time in my life...I was so mad at God because I was pregnant. [But]I heard in my heart, 'I have a plan, hope and a future...' so I named her Amanda Hope. Little did I know that the plan, hope and future were for all little warriors; not just mine."

Lorraine Tallman speaks of Amanda--who passed away two years ago after a valiant battle with leukemia--with reverence. "Amanda was born with an old soul...her care for others in the hospital, playing and encouraging other children, was powerful." Amanda was first diagnosed in 2008 at the age of nine after suffering from inexplicable, flulike symptoms for several months. When the pediatrician tested her hemoglobin levels and found they were frighteningly low, Amanda was rushed to Phoenix Children's Hospital to begin chemotherapy. In 2011 she went into remission and the family rejoiced, holding a "No More Chemo" party with doctors and nurses in attendance. The celebration was short-lived, however, because three months later Amanda was sick again.

Faced with another round of chemo, Amanda began to dream of a more dignified way to receive treatment. "She hated being exposed in the chemo rooms where everyone was lined up for treatment...families can all see each other and the thought of any nurse, doctor or intern lifting up her shirt whenever they so wished was insanity to her," Tallman says. This brought about Amanda's idea for Comfycozy's For Chemo, bright and cheery shirts designed with many hidden pockets, zippers and buttons for IV lines and blood transfusions. Tallman says that the medical staff are just as appreciative of Comfycozy's as the children. To help even more children who are struggling with the disease, the Tallmans' foundation, Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, is holding their second annual Night of Hope Gala to raise funds for pediatric cancer. There will be an auction with a variety of items to bid on, including $25 care packages of Comfycozy's to be sent to the children, and even "No More Chemo" party bags to help families celebrate that milestone.

The Night of Hope Gala will be held Sept. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the Bentley Art Gallery in Phoenix, but Tallman says that those who can't attend can still donate through their website, www.comfycozys.com. "Amanda taught me that life is a gift, and we are here to love and make a difference every day...everyone can make a difference; you just have to look up and step up," Tallman says of her daughter. One of Amanda's last requests was that her mother would help as many afflicted children as she could. "She said, 'Mommy, promise me you will help every child.' She looked me in the eyes and said, 'Listen with both ears. Every child, Mommy; not everyone has a mommy like you. Promise me.'"


To purchase tickets to the Night of Hope Gala, go to: http://www.amandahoperainbowangels.org/a-night-of-hope/.


To learn more about Comfycozy's For Chemo, go to:http://www.comfycozys.com/.




10 Things To Do In Phoenix This Weekend: Family Edition


As the school year begins, parents and kids alike will want to plan some fun weekend activities to look forward to amidst the homework and after-school activities. This weekend, families can see an Alice in Wonderland theater performance, learn about traditional Indian culture, and eat at Zinburger locations for only $3. Here are AFM’s top 10 things to do this weekend!



AZ Foothills Battle of the Blogs 2014 Winners Announced


This summer bloggers from all over the nation duelled it out in AZFoothills.com second annual Battle of the Blogs contest. From fitness to food to fashion it was a battle royal!

After weeks of online voting and a fierce fight only four contributors rose victorious! The winners are of the 2014 Battle of the Blogs are (drumroll…)

Rockstar Ronan


Many of you may know the song “Ronan” by Taylor Swift. This blog is the reason she wrote the song. Maya’s personal voice and mission statement: "What I write on here are my thoughts, opinions, rants, raves, and truth about the experience of losing the most important thing a mother could lose; her child. This mission statement is one I made up and in no way shape or form, reflects The Ronan Thompson Foundation. This is my own Rockstar Mission Statement. To me, this is about so much more than just raising money."

My Bonnie Blog

Bonnie Morazan logo

Fashion, Life style, Events & Places; focusing on every day looks and styles, main fashion Local events in Arizona & supporting local talents, designers, business & events and also supporting international Latino Talents to bring more options in fashion into Arizona.

HMA Time!

hma logo

Welcome to HMA Time, the official blog of HMA Public Relations, which is updated regularly and easy-to-find right here on the HMA website each day. Multiple voices, one mission – public relations from our point of view. A unique knowledge of local and national media; insight in the evolving field of social media; up-to-date information on current public relations trends; creative and humorous commentary on everyday PR issues; and behind-the-scenes peeks into our corporate culture.



MyBoyB.com is about bringing its readers a special connection into the artistic and creative environment. Brought to them by an original perspective and creative individual himself, I give my readers a first person view into living a cultural lifestyle. Connecting them with featured local and global visual artists and also bringing them a special look into the art of style, highlighting designer and upcoming brands looking to add to the culture.


Each of these winners receive a static banner ad on all AZFoothills.com pages for one week, inclusion in an AZFoothills.com E-Newsletter, an editorial mention in Arizona Foothills Magazine, social media mentions, and a special guest blog spot on AZFoothills.com blog network.

Stay tuned for content from your favorite bloggers!


Adopt a Dog: A Bichon Frise Mix and a Dalmation

Argyle is an eight-year-old Bichon Frise Mix and Tazz is a seven-year-old purebred Dalmatian.



AZ Insider: Robin Williams Tribute at Harkins

Kathy Shayna Shocket has the inside scoop on the people who make a difference.

robin williams matt 

Kathy gives us the details of this weekend’s tribute to Robin Williams in Arizona. 

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