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Mom's Moment: 17 Exciting First During the Year One

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As moms, we go gaga over just about anything cute our children do. We try to capture everything on camera, and proceed to post it on Facebook for the world to see. (Guilty as charged.) Sometimes, we go a little too far with over-sharing; just the other night I found myself showing a waiter photos of my kids...


Halloween Insider: Custom Costumes from Etsy

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Halloween costumes have evolved impressively throughout the last several decades. Many modern parents can still remember their two options as kids at Halloween time; a home-made costume or a traditional, store-bought option.

The internet has made it possible for kids and parents alike to have an endless, creative selection of costumes at Halloween-time and throughout the entire year. Online marketplace, Etsy is a leader in connecting people, both online and offline, to make, sell and buy unique goods, including one-of-a-kind custom costumes. The creative entrepreneurs who use Etsy to sell products often work with customers to create a fresh and perfect design. Although festive apparel is especially popular throughout the month...


Mom's Moment: 7 Non-Toys

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I have a toy addiction. I love them. I'm a toy hoarder. I want to get my kids the coolest most amazing things on the market. Really, I do. With that being said, I've come to realize that sometimes the box is more entertaining then what's inside.

My kids are definitely toy-players. I count my lucky stars that they can sit on the floor and entertain themselves quite nice. However, based off recent observations, there are plenty of non-toys that are just as fun (if not more fun) than what's...


Mom Approved: 4 Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments

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A constant buzz amongst Valley moms is how to attain a more rejuvenated look. With celeb moms constantly in the spotlight – and always looking red-carpet ready – we want to know their secrets. How do celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Sharron Stone age so gracefully without looking “fake” and “plastic?”


With the help of Dr. Daniel Shapiro, a renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona area for 19+ years, we took a look at trends in aesthetic treatments without...


Mom's Moment: 10 Things I Want for My Boys, as Brothers

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My boys are 18 months apart. I always wanted more than one child, but I never expected to have one--pretty much--after the other. I feared adding a sibling so soon would take a challenging toll on my first born…I also feared not knowing if my heart had the capacity to love another child the way I loved my first. But as soon as my second son was born, I knew I had given Nicholas the greatest gift in the world: a brother. I also realized my heart has a way of expanding.

I want my sons to be best friends. All parents want that for...

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