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10 Things to Do this Weekend in Phoenix: Family Edition

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Parents, now that school is in session are you missing those lazy summer mornings with your kids? Realizing how little family time you get now that homework and after school activities take over the afternoon and evening? Here are our top picks for family activities for the weekend of Aug. 21 to 23 to get some quality time with your little (or big) ones.


Tech Smarts for Mom

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I admit: I'm a social media addict. Many of us moms cannot resist posting pics of our kids doing just about anything. To us, our little ones are our shining stars, and it's simply so tempting to share their adorable-ness with the world.

However, there are times I fear I share TMI. It's kinda scary knowing the World Wide Web is a world of its own, with all our family photos floating around.

More concerning: our kids have embraced technnology; even my two year old knows how to swipe an...


Brain Booster and Buster Apps

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When I was on bed rest during my first pregnancy, I acquired an addiction: Candy Crush. Now, as a non-stop mom of two, I don't have time for my beloved app, but I suppose that's a good thing, considering it's downright distracting.

While my children are not in school yet, I came across some information I found interesting for parents of school-goers. In lieu of back-to-school season, I thought I'd share the below insight.

Many kids consider their iPad a BFF--and even teachers are jumping on this digital bandwagon...


10 Things to do in Phoenix This Weekend: Family Edition

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Give the kids something to look forward to for their first weekend after back to school. The Valley has so much to offer the whole family will be too busy for any lingering summertime sadness. Check out our top picks for the weekend of August 14 to 16.


Today You Are One Month Old

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I can’t believe my first-born is turning two. Like you, I’m sure, I constantly ask myself: where does the time go?

My life has made a 360 since becoming a mom. I am no longer waking up at 2:30am to report on the morning news; instead, my days are full of not missing any firsts, having become a proud and blessed work at home mom.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My first-born, Nicholas, is now an older brother. I look at him and wonder how he has morphed into such an independent little boy.

My husband now puts Nicholas to...

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