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Family Dining on Your Orange County Trip

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California living is the envy of all, and us Phoenicians are known for taking advantage of the beautiful coastal state to our west.  It’s no secret that throughout the year, many Phoenix residents opt for family road trips to Southern California. 

Dana Point is a city located in southern Orange County, California. It has one of the few harbors along the Orange County coast, and with ready access via State Route 1, it is an ultra- popular...


Mom's Moment: The Preschool Transition

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My son started preschool for the first time at two and half years old. It was January of last year- and I was a wreck. He was my first born- my baby- my preemie- my pal... how could this milestone already be happening? To say the least, I couldn't stop crying. I wrote him a letter before he started school (


Mom's Moment: Fall Stress Busters

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Most us moms are in the process of making that summer to fall transtiion- a time when we try to savor the last of vacation while prepping our kids for the new school year. So like you, I'm sure, I'm all for trying anything that would help make my life easier, as the start of fall can be somewhat hectic. This can be an especially stressful stage if you're juggling a newborn, toddler, and school-aged child.

I came across a compelling new video from WaterWipes, showing how moms can take pressure off themselves by learning to trust their instincts. It's all about following...


Mom's Moment: Fighting the Nursing Blues

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Doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding during baby’s first year of life, but nursing can come with challenges. Yes, it’s an incredible, beautiful bonding experience between you and your child- how I wish I could revisit rocking back and forth feeding my newborn; however, it can be downright tough.

In lieu of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, here are five ways to combat the breastfeeding blues.

1. Don’t worry if your first experience (or first few experiences) are less than perfect. Getting...


Mom's Moment: Gift Yourself, You Deserve It

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You’ve seen it on social media, the news, and websites- happy National Breastfeeding Month! Yes, August is dedicated to spreading breastfeeding awareness; however, if you’re a nursing mom (like myself), you already know there are plenty of benefits. So, …how to celebrate?

I can go on and on about breastfeeding stats, data, and figures, providing you with information you can easily access via Google. But instead, I’m going to share three interesting ways you can personally celebrate this month dedicated to breastfeeding.

1. Snap selfies


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