Apertivo Hour at Taggia at FireSky Resort & Spa

Taggia at FireSky Resort & Spa in Scottsdale has announced that it is once again offering its popular Apertivo Hour weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Taggia indoor/outdoor bar. A perfect way to savor a spring evening, Apertivo Hour allows guests to enjoy complimentary small plates after ordering any beer, wine or cocktail.
We suggest grabbing a comfy seat at the outdoor bar area and order up a Hendrick’s Lillet, with gin, lillet rouge, pineapple simply syrup and bitters, for a refreshing, springy sip. Enjoy views of the pool while your Apertivo Hour eats arrive, which during our visit was a selection of olives, cheeses and delicious crostini. However tasty, don’t fill up because you can’t visit Taggia without ordering up some of the restaurant’s house-made pasta and divine meat or seafood dishes.
To start, the grilled calamari, on a bed of charred eggplant-saba puree, with lemon-caper vinaigrette and arugula is a light, refreshing way to kick off the meal. A great complement to the calamari is the zuppa di ceci, chick pea soup with pancetta, cream “crumbled”, croutons, parmesan and truffle. The soup is warming, creamy and chock full of hearty chick peas.
We’re huge fans of Taggia’s bolognese, which was a special during our visit. Paired with spaghetti, the sauce was hearty and meaty and offered that great sweet-savory flavor that bolognese is known for. And Taggia’s house-made pasta is pretty spectacular on its own.
A great entree for an already-hearty meal (remember, the meal started off with great Apertivo Hour bites!) is Taggia’s seared sea scallops. Paired with heirloom carrots, lemon-roasted corn and an incredible flavorful caper-avocado salsa, this light dish was made to be enjoyed on the Taggia twinkle-light-covered patio on a warm spring evening. The capers offer a salty pop alongside the sweet carrots and corn. 
For a sweet, and, again, not-t00-heavy ending, the creamy zabaglione is just the thing. A medley of fresh berries are paired with a creamy topping with lavender and crunchy cocoa nips. The result is a perfect springtime dessert that you don’t have to feel too guilty about.

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