A Taste of Macayo’s

macayos Ultra Premium Tequila Flight
Macayo’s is a culinary treasure in the Valley. Since 1946, it has been dishing up authentic Mexican eats–and it now has 12 Valley outposts and two in Las Vegas. The location at Shea and Scottsdale has something especially special going on, as it is home to a slew of unique menu items that aren’t found at other Macayo’s restaurants (yet, anyways). The Scottsdale location is also home to premium tequila selections, including Casamigos, in addition to yummy tequila-based cocktails.
macayos Queso Fundido
To start, Macayo’s has a impressive selection of appetizers to suit any hunger pang–whether you want something hearty and satisfying right away or want to start out light. The jicama-shrimp tacos are packed with flavor and won’t weigh you down. The shells are made of thinly sliced jicama and filled with shrimp and a refreshing watermelon salsa. The Mexican corn, served off the cob, is another light offering, served with queso fresco, hot sauce and chipotle crema, resulting in a sweet-meets-spicy dish. For an indulgent start to your meal, dig into the queso fundido–thick, delicious, creamy, decadent, with a slight spice–and served with thick, warm tortilla chips.
macayos rolled tacos
For the main event, the rolled tacos are a huge hit with the staff at Macayo’s, and it is easy to taste why. The crispy tacos spotlight marinated chicken and can be dipped in an addicting red pepper sauce (you’ll want to soak up every drop with the chips). The green chile pork stew is another favorite; the dish actually just won a the “medium” category at the recent Scottsdale Spice event. Made with pork sirloin, poblano, jalapeno, tomatillo, onion and cilantro, the dish is hearty and warming, perfect as we head into the cooler temps in the Valley.
A meal at Macayo’s isn’t complete until you’ve dipped a warm, from-scratch churro into the homemade chocolate sauce, a popular dish on the dessert menu. It is hard to stop at just one churro–good thing the plating features four.

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